Dr Cecilia Hannigan-Davies

​ ​ ​ ​ ​Cecilia Hannigan-Davies ​Position:Deputy Dean, Cardiff School of Education and Social Policy
​School:​ Cardiff School of Education and Social Policy
​E- mail: channigan-davies@cardiffmet.ac.uk
​ Telephone:​029 2041 6798
​Room No:​C213



Research Groups:
• Education and Social Research Group (ESRG)

• Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy (FHEA)
• Member of the British Computer Society (MBCS)
• Chartered Information Technology Professional (CITP)
• Member of the Association for Project Management (MAPM)

Research Interests:
• Online learning
• Blended learning
• Virtual learning environments


Peer refereed journals:
Davies, K. & Hannigan, C. (2007) Supporting disaster healthcare professionals: A practical and virtual approach. Nurse Education Today, 27, 122-130.

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Conference papers:
Hannigan, C. & Davies, K. (2004) Blended Education for Disaster Healthcare Professionals: An Evaluation. In Nall, J. & Robson, R. (Eds.) E-LEARN 2004. Washington, DC, Norfolk, VA, AACE.

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Professional / non-refereed publications
Hannigan, C. (1993) Assessment in Computer-based Learning. In Bull, J. (Ed.) Assessment of learning in Higher Education. Sheffield, The Committee.

Other Publications:
Hannigan, C. & McNally, O. (2003) E-Packing with Nursing Students: A self-assessment quick fix? Poster Presentation, WebCT 2003, San Diego, California, USA.

Hannigan, C. (2002) Using WebCT to Deliver a Multi-National Disaster Relief Course, Poster Presentation, WebCT 2002, Boston, Massachusetts, USA


I was born and educated in the Republic of Ireland, and have been an academic for over 30 years. Among many professional qualifications, I hold an Honours Bachelor's Degree in Education from St Patrick's College, Dublin, a Master's Degree in Computer Science and Applications from the Queen's University of Belfast as well as a Doctorate in Computer Science (Multimedia Intelligent Tutoring Systems) from the University of Ulster. I have published several papers in international journals and conference proceedings on the subject of technology enhanced learning, and have been a speaker and best practices presenter at many international conferences and workshops in the USA and Europe.

I am a Chartered IT Professional with the British Computer Society, a status that demonstrates both competence and a commitment to keep pace with advancing knowledge and the increasing expectations and requirements of the information technology profession. In addition, I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Member of the Association for Project Management.

Currently, I am Deputy Dean of the Cardiff School of Education and Social Policy.  Since coming to Cardiff Met in September 2008 I have had other roles within the School of Education and Social Policy, including Acting Deputy Dean Learning and Teaching, Learning, Teaching and Assessment Coordinator and Programme Director for the Master's Framework in Education.  I also had the role of Co-Acting Deputy Dean Quality and Standards at Cardiff Met from January to June 2017.

I previously spent 15 years with the University of Ulster. My most recent academic role at Ulster, in their virtual campus, Campus One, included responsibility for staff development and faculty liaison with respect to online learning. My role was of strategic importance in achieving Campus One's aim of providing a holistic approach to the development of quality e-learning courses. Prior to this, I spent three years lecturing postgraduate students in project management with the University of Ulster's Faculty of Engineering, over two years as a courseware developer on the Teaching and Learning Technology Programme (TLTP) at the Queen's University of Belfast, and seven years as a primary school teacher in the Republic of Ireland.