Dr Cheryl Ellis

​ ​ ​ ​ ​
​School:​ Cardiff School of Education and Social Policy 
​E- mail: cellis@cardiffmet.ac.uk
​Room No:​C205



Research Groups:
• Education and Social Research Group (ESRG)

Research Interests:
Outdoor play, Inclusion and Special Educational Needs, specific learning difficulties and the learning needs of students within HE.


Book Chapters:

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Peer-Refereed Journals and Research Reports:

Tyrie, J, Sarwar, S, Dumitrescu, S, Mannello, M, Haughton, C, Ellis, C and Connolly, M (2019) 'Power, rights and play; control of play in schools grounds, an action research project from Wales', Education, 3-13

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National and International Conference Papers and Research Dissemination:

HAUGHTON, C., SARWAR, S., TYRIE, J., BEAUCHAMP, G. AND ELLIS, C. (2015) ‘‘Wild Time’: discovery and adventure tales from free-play episodes with a reception class working in an ancient woodland site’ presented at British Education Studies Association (BESA) conference, 25th-26th June, 2015, Cardiff Metropolitan University

HAUGHTON, C., ELLIS, C. & BEAUCHAMP, G. (2013)  'An Air Of Mystery: out in the Forest? Reflections from a small scale study which examines practitioners' perceptions and definitions of Forest School', presented at British Education Studies Association (BESA), 27 - 28 June 2013, Swansea Metropolitan University.

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BEAUCHAMP, G., SALISBURY, J., ELLIS, C., and HAUGHTON, C. (2009) 'Assessment of science in KS2 pupils with English as an Additional Language (EAL)' presented at Welsh Education Research Network Colloquium, UWIC, 13th May, 2009.



Dr Cheryl Ellis is the strategic lead for student experience and works closely with students and staff to help facilitate the smooth running of the School of Education and Social Policy. An important aspect of this role is to spend time listening to the views of students so that developments can be made for the best possible student experience.

Having previously worked as a primary school teacher, Cheryl has experienced the ‘practical realities’ of classroom life. She lectures in a range of areas including play and specific learning difficulties.

Cheryl is a trained Level 3 Forest School leader and works as part of the Forest School team to deliver training to practitioners and students. The Forest School team also work closely with schools to provide opportunities for pupils of all ages to experience Forest School within the woodland area on the Cyncoed campus. Cheryl is an active researcher and supervises doctoral students in a range of areas.