Dylan Adams

​Position:Leader of Primary Education Studies and Leader of Literacy
​School:​ Cardiff School of Education and Social Policy
Telephone:​029 2020 5952
​Room No:D017




Research Interests:
• Literacy
• Music Education
• Outdoor Learning
• Primary Education
• Storytelling


Peer-refereed Journals:

Adams, D., & Beauchamp, G. (2018). Portals between worlds: A study of the experiences of children aged 7–11 years from primary schools in Wales making music outdoors. Research Studies in Music Education. May, 2018.

Reynolds, F. and Adams, D. (2014). Sound and Performance in Public Archaeology: Examining the Benefits of Outdoor Learning with Creative Engagement at the Neolithic Site of Tinkinswood Burial Chamber, Vale of Glamorgan. Time and Mind: The Journal of Archaeology, Consciousness and Culture. Volume 7, Issue 1, 2014. 

Book Chapters

Beauchamp, G., Haughton, C., Ellis, C., Sarwar, S., Tyrie, J. ADAMS, D and Dumitrescu, S. (2019) Ethical considerations in using innovative methods in early education research, in, Brown, Z. and Perkins, H. (ed.) Using Innovative Methods in Early Years Research. London: Routledge


Professional / Non-refereed Publications:

Adams, D. (2018) A Design For Life. Available at: http://networked.cymru/a-design-for-life/. Accessed 12th November, 2018.

Adams, D. (2017). Hmmm! How oral storytelling techniques found in the books of Roald Dahl can be used to enhance children's creative writing. English 4-11. Summer 2017. United Kingdom Literacy Association

Adams, D. and Brassil, K. 2013. The Out of Doors Museum: Being Creative At Prehistoric Monuments. Museum Education Monitor. July 2013 Issue.

Adams, D. 2008. Play to learn. Teaching Wales. Edition 16. Spring 2008.  [Accessed 10 May 2014]

Adams, D. 2007. Can music be used to enhance learning in the classroom? Cardiff School of Education and Social Policy Research Papers.

Conference Papers:

Adams, D. and Beauchamp, G. (2018). Musicking in nature and the nature of musicking. BESA Conference, 2018. June 28, (2018). University of Bolton, England.

Adams, D. (2018). Mind the Magic. Mindfulness and the importance of experience in education. NetworkEd Conference. Tramshed. Cardiff.

Adams, D. (2016). Comedy, Carnival, Fantasy and Hope. Discomfort and Delight in Dahl. The Fantastic Mr Fiction, Roald Dahl Conference, November 2016. Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Adams D. and Beauchamp, G. (2016). A study of the experiences of learners and teachers from six different primary schools making music in outdoor rural locations. BESA conference 2016, University of Wolverhampton

Adams, D. and Beauchamp, G. 2015. Portals. A study of the experiences of learners and teachers from four different primary schools, making music in rural outdoor locations. RIME Research in Music Education Conference. University of Exeter.

Adams, D. 2015. How Fantastic is Literacy? This paper explores different definitions of literacy and why it arguably demands discrete attention on an Education Studies course. It examines contemporary theories and focuses on a scene from the film ‘The Fantastic Mr Fox’ to highlight the possible plurality and potential power of literacy. BESA Conference. Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Adams, D. and Beauchamp, G. 2016. Portals between worlds: A study of the experiences of seven groups of children aged 7-11 years from six different primary schools in Wales making music outdoors.

Adams, D. 2011. Music-Making at Prehistoric Sites Helping to Understand Present Intuition of Music. Leading Music Education International Conference. 1 June, 2011. University of Western Ontario, Canada.

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& Adams, D. 2010. Music-making: bringing sound into a silent past. The value of creative analogies in the Neolithic Symposium, University of Cardiff. 28 June, 2010.

Other Publications:
Adams, D. (2011) Myth and Melody. CAA. Aberystwyth University. 

Rhys, E. Morgan, R. and Adams, D. (2010) TellyTales. CBEEBIES. BBC.

Rhys, E. Hunt, R. Day, N. and Adams, D. (2006) Rockpool Rap. BBC Network.

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Rhys, E. Day, N. and Adams, D. (2002) Alice@Wonderland.com Time and Tune. BBC Network.          


​Project ​Funding ​Year ​Role ​Web Link
Make and Break - Outdoor learning at Neolithic Burial Chambers​CADW​2012-2014​Designer of activities. Project Leader.
Learning at and from prehistoric sites - Resource pack to support outdoor learning at prehistoric sites.​CADW​2014​Author
Listen Up! - Resource to support music education at KS2.Tinopolis​2011​Co-author https://hwb.wales.gov.uk/Resources/#resource/262bb18c-b17a-4151-9668-aa07369df4c8
Syrcas Gerdd - Educational consultancy for a website to support music education at KS2. ​BBC​2010​Co-authorhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/cymru/dysgu/syrcasgerdd/
Stories and Castles - Working with the storyteller Michael Harvey providing storytelling and creative writing INSET for teachers and KS2 learners. ​CADW​2010-2012INSET leader. Workshop provider.
Beddgelert Meteorite. Working with BBC National Orchestra of Wales and Ysgol Dyffryn Nantlle to produce music, narration and poetry telling the story of the Beddgelert Meteorite. National Museum of Wales and BBC Wales​2009Composer. Project Leader.
Llanmaes. Designing and providing workshops for KS2 and KS3 learners to enable engagement with an archaeological dig.​National Museum of Wales  ​2008-2013​Workshop leader
Songs from Stones. Working with the artist Sean Harris designing and providing workshops to create animation films with KS2 learners throughout Wales.​CADW​2009-2013Researcher/INSET leader/ workshop leaderhttp://cadw.wales.gov.uk/learning/projects/songs-from-stones/?lang=en
BBC BLAST. Providing music, storytelling, drama and ICT workshops for KS3/ KS4 learners throughout the UK. ​BBC​2008-2012​Workshop leader
Mynydd Parys. Project with Amlwch primary school creating poetry and music with KS2 children to tell the story of Mynydd Parys​National Museum of Wales​2007​Workshop provider. Co-leader of project.


My teaching career has spanned the last twenty years. It has involved teaching literacy to pre-school children, to all ages of the primary phase, to secondary aged pupils and to learners with severe learning difficulties. I began guest lecturing for UWIC and the University of Wales, Newport in 2008 and I have enjoyed teaching in Higher Education ever since. I am also a professional storyteller and regularly tell stories at Cardiff Castle and throughout Wales.

Further Information

​I have worked as a presenter and narrator for children's programmes and audio guides.

2005 - T.V. programme series Watch. BBC

2007 - Children's audio guide. Cardiff Castle.

2010 - Radio Programme series. Persephone Time and Tune. BBC.

2013 - Children's audio guide. Cardiff Castle.

In my spare time I also enjoy playing Touch rugby.