Professor Barry McDonnell

Barry McDonnell

Job Title: Professor of Cardiovasular Physiology
Room No: D2.04a
Telephone No: + 44 (0) 29 2041 6871
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I am an active clinical research scientist in the area of cardiovascular physiology, which helps inform my teaching, design, development, delivery and evaluation of several taught programmes. These programmes include BSc Biomedical Science, BSc Healthcare Science, HNC Biomedical Science, HND Biomedical Science, BSc Biomedical Science (Health, Exercise and Nutrition), BSc Human Nutrition and Dietetics, BSc Public Health Nutrition, BSc Complementary Healthcare and BSc Podiatry.

Modules I am involved with:

APS4002 Human Anatomy and Physiology

APS5017 Pharmacology and Toxicology

SBM5004 Sports and Exercise Physiology

SBM6001 Sports Medicine

SMB6002 Drugs in Sport and Immunohaematology

APS6001 Research Project

SBM5001 Pathophysiology of Disease


I currently lead the Vascular Physiology Research Group focused on cardiovascular physiology, ageing and disease. I am Principle Investigator for three clinical physiology research trials: (The ARCADE trial, investigating the impact of respiratory disease on arterial haemodynamics; the ACCT study, investigating the role of premature vascular ageing on blood pressure and cardiovascular risk in Collaboration with University of Cambridge; and the HIT-LVAD Trial in Columbia University, New York Presbyterian Hospital, investigating the impact of ventricular assist device implantation on vascular haemodynamics in patients with heart failure). In addition to my teaching commitments, I have undertaken supervision of a number of PhD studentships, 2 post-doctoral research officers, a research nurse and 1 Marie-Sklodowska Curie Action global research fellow over the past 6 years in order to develop the group's research theme. The research group use a number of physiological testing procedures to underpin our research (blood sampling, cardiac structure and function, peripheral and central blood pressures, 24-hour blood pressure, large artery stiffness and microvascular flow pulsatility in the renal, cerebral and retinal vascular beds).

Through the research facilities available in Cardiff Metropolitan University and the Health Assessment Suite, I am collaborating internally on a number of studies:

  • Cellular ageing and arterial stiffness (Professor Jorge Erusalimsky)
  • Investigating the relationship between ventricular function and large artery haemodynamics through ageing, hypertension and exercise (Professor Rob Shave)
  • Community based exercise and vascular function (Dr Richard Webb)

    Current research team:
  • Dr Eric Stohr (Marie Sklodowska-Curie Global Research Fellow)
  • Dr Maria Kearney (Post-Doctoral/Research Associate)
  • Miss Laura Watkeys (Research and Lab Coordinator)
  • Dr James Coulson (Clinical/Physician Cover)
  • Mrs Margaret Munnery (Research Fellow-Nurse)
  • Mr Stuart Ennis (PhD Student)
  • Mrs Mahfouhda Al Shezawi (PhD Student)
  • Professor John Cockcroft (Clinical Consultant)


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Australian School of Advanced Medicine

MacQuarie University

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Adjunct Professor

Columbia University Medical Center

New York Presbyterian Hospital

Columbia University

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  • National Institute for Social Care and Health Research (NISCHR), virtual grant review committee: chair and panel member
  • Abstract review panel member for the International Society of Hypertension's (ISH) "New Investigator Network"
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  • Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff Centre for Exercise and Health (CCEH): Steering group member

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