Dr Cathryn Withycombe


Job Title:            Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences, Programme Director Biomedical Sciences with Health Exercise & Nutrition

Room No:          D2.01e
Telephone No:  + 44 (0) 29 2041 5994​
Email Address:  cwithycombe@cardiffmet.ac.uk



Teach on a number of programmes including, Biomedical Sciences, Sports Biomedicine & Nutrition, Foundation Health Sciences, Dietetics, levels 3-7

Modules delivered include; Immunology, Principles & Practices of Blood Sciences, Cell Biology & Genetics, Analytical Research Methods, Drugs in Sport Immunohaematology, Sports and Exercise Physiology, Endocrinology, Clinical Dietetics. 

Dr Withycombe was awarded the 2014 Student–Led Teaching Fellowship for Cardiff School of Health Sciences.


My PhD investigated the immunomodulatory properties of an organic extract of Manuka honey in vitro. This predominately involved working with the human cell lines including; HaCaT keratinocytes, HUVEC endothelial cells, THP-1 macrophages and a co-culture angiogenesis model; looking at both immunomodulation and molecular regulation of anti and pro-inflammatory markers.  Since completion I have continued to research the effect of natural products in particular plant derived terpenoids and flavonoids which have shown to possess important activity through the transcription factor PPAR gamma. Currently I am investigating the potential these compounds possess in regulating angiogenesis; in particular anti-angiogenic activity and how hypoxic conditions may be a contributing factor. This work has the potential to lead to alternative therapies for a huge range of diseases.


Withycombe CE1*, Thomas AW1, Tomás-Barberán FA2, Garcia-Villalba R2, Rushmere NR1, Hicks S1, Aluwhalia MK1, Alangari AA3, Morris  RH1. An Organic Extract of Manuka Honey Exhibits PPARγ Activity and Anti-inflammatory properties in human macrophages (Submitted).

Withycombe CE, Hicks S, Morris RH. Examination of the organic components of Manuka Honey and their potential roles as putative PPAR ligands (WHWHS Toronto June 4-8th 2008)

Withycombe CE, Hicks S, Morris RH. The organic fraction of honey inhibits LPS-stimulated cytokine synthesis in THP-1 monocytes (WHWHS Toronto June 4-8th 2008)