Dr Sarah Maddocks

Dr Sarah Maddocks

Job Title: Reader in Microbiology and Infection

Room No: D2.01f

Telephone No:  + 44 (0) 29 2041 5607​

Email Address:   smaddocks@cardiffmet.ac.uk


I teach microbiology on the Biomedical Sciences and Health Care Science BSc degree courses as well as on the MSc Biomedical Science degree course.  I am the pathway lead for the Biomedical Sciences strand of the MRes degree course.

I teach on the following modules:

  • Principles and Practice of Infection Science (module leader) 
  • Infection Science Specialism A and B (module leader)
  • Biological and Laboratory Investigations of Disease
  • Contemporary Topics in Biomedical Science
  • Analytical and Diagnostic Techniques (MRes) 
  • Research Methods in Biomedical Science (MRes)

I have supervised and continue to supervise a number of PhD students undertaking research within the field of biofilms, novel antimicrobial treatments, and chronic wound infection.

Qualifications and Awards

PGCTHE: Cardiff Metropolitan University (2012)
PhD Microbiology: University of Reading (2006)
BSc (hons) Microbiology: University of Nottingham (2002)

Fellow of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences (FIBMS)
Fellow of the Higher Education Authority
Chartered Biologist​


My research focusses understanding the interactions between pathogens and their host during the infection process.  The overarching aim of these studies is to understand how pathogens utilise or disrupt host processes and to explore and exploit novel ways of impairing these host-pathogen interactions to facilitate clearance of infection.  These principles enable a targeted approach to infectious disease control in an era where the conservation of traditional antimicrobial treatments is paramount.  This central focus of my research includes biofilm and co-culture models, genomic and molecular analysis of gene expression to prove clinically relevant hypotheses.

Collaborations:  Universities of Warwick, University of Strathclyde, University of Bristol, Khon Kaen University (Thailand), University of Washington (USA), Teeside University, University Hospital W​​ales.

Supervision:  I have supervised one PhD to completion; I currently supervise three PhD students and co-supervise three PhD students.  I supervise MSc, MRes and BSc dissertation students projects as well as summer studentship research projects and ERASMUS placements


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