Dr Anita Setarehnejad



Job Title: Senior lecturer – Food Science and Technology
Room No: D1.30
Email Address:   ASetarehnejad@cardiffmet.ac.uk

Phone number: + 44 (0) 29 2041 1173


Module leader
UG: Sensory Analysis of Food            
UG: Introductory Biochemistry
UG: Baking and Confectionery Technology,

Co- lecturer
PG & UG: Food processing
PG & UG: New Product Development

Master and Undergraduate Research Project Supervision

Other Commitments

Level Four Year Tutor
Placement Visits
IFST Launchpad Link
Organising students’ field trip

Deliver short courses on Food Science to communities and schools


Anita’s research interests lie in studying consumer behaviour and preferences towards different foods and investigate how environment and individual lifestyle affect food choices. Anita previously carried out extensive research on developing variety of baked goods especially gluten free, low sugar and vegan products.


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Setarehnejad A., Kanekanian A., & Tatham, A.  (2009) The inhibitory effect of glycomacropeptide on dental erosion. Dairy Science & Technology, 89, 233-239.

Conferences Presentation

Louis.l and Setarehnejad. A, Evaluating the effects of ingredients on quality attributes and sensory preference of gluten free breads available on the UK market (2018) at IFST Sensory Conference 2018: Health is Wealth, Birmingham, UK.
Accepted in Eighth European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research, Verona, Italy 2018

Evatt.R and Setarehnejad.A, Evaluation of texture and sensory characteristics of gluten free cake utilising xanthan gum (2018) at IFST Sensory Conference 2018: Health is Wealth, Birmingham , UK
Accepted in Eighth European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research, Verona, Italy 2018

Ayitsa A.M and Setarehnejad. A, The Effect Of Storage Temperature On The Quality And Rate Of Staling Of White Bread (2017) at Sensory Conference 2017: It’s Not Always Just About The Flavour, Nottingham, UK.

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Najjar, I. and Setarehnejad, A, Effect of Soya flour, Carrageenan and Glycerol Monostearate as Egg Replacers on Cake Quality (2016) at First International Conference on Food Chemistry and Hydrocolloids, Toronto, Ontario Canada

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Setarehnejad A, Making soft drinks kinder to teeth (2009) at EFFOST conference, Hungry. Awarded best poster prize.

Setarehnejad. A, Protective effect of GMP and its fractions against dental erosion (2009) at 6TH NIZO dairy conference, The Netherlands

Setarehnejad. A, The assessment of protective effect of Glycomacropeptid (GMP) on Dental erosion at different concentrations and exposure times (2008) at First European Food Congress, Slovenia

Setarehnejad A, The inhibitory effect of Glycomacropeptde (GMP) on dental erosion (2008) at First International Symposium on Minerals & Dairy Products, France

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