Dr Britt Hallingberg

   Position: Lecturer in Health and Wellbeing Psychology
   School: Cardiff School of Sport and Health Sciences
   E-mail: Bhallingberg@cardiffmet.ac.uk
   Telephone: +44 (0)29 2041 6443
   Room No: D3.12B


  • Individual Differences (Level 5)
  • Research and Statistics (Level 5)
  • Contemporary Issues in Psychology (Level 5)
  • Work, Volunteering and Applied Psychology (Level 5 and Level 6)


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Britt is an interdisciplinary researcher with experience in applying psychological theory to public health and criminological research. Her research explores how both psychological and societal influences shape young people's health behaviours, as well as identifying opportunities for intervention development and evaluation. She is particularly interested in how settings and contexts for leisure time use (e.g. sport participation, scouts & other community groups) shapes substance use. To support her interdisciplinary approach she uses mixed methods, although she is predominantly experienced in quantitative methods using longitudinal cohort studies and large-scale national surveys.

Before lecturing Psychology at Cardiff Metropolitan University, Britt worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for the Development and Evaluation of Complex Interventions for Public Health Improvement (DECIPher) in Cardiff University where she developed expertise in research methods for intervention development and evaluation.

Britt’s main research interests are:

  • Social and psychological determinants of adolescent substance use
  • Organised leisure time use and associated health behaviours in populations
  • Methodology of intervention development and evaluation
  • Diversionary activities as interventions to reduce substance use and offending

Current projects
  • Phillips, R. (PI), Thomas-Jones, E., Akbari, A., Ashfield-Watt, P., Cannings-John, R., Gillespie, D., Hallingberg, B., Hughes, K., Perham, N., Seage, H., Torrens-Burton, A., Williams, D., Wood, F. Ser Cymru (£127,871). COVID-19 public experiences in Wales: A longitudinal mixed-methods study of attitudes, beliefs, and behaviour in response to the coronavirus pandemic. August 2020 – March 2021
  • Moore, G. (PI), Bauld, L., Hallingberg, B. Mackintosh, A., Moore., L., Gray, L. & Munafo, M. National Institute of Health Research (£462,488). ‘Impacts of e-cigarette regulation via the EU Tobacco Products Directive on young people’s use of e-cigarettes: a natural experiment’. January 2017 – April 2020.
Completed Projects
  • Moore, G. (PI), Macdonald, S., Segrott, J., Moore, L., Gray, L., Hallingberg, B. & Brown, R. Cancer Research UK Tobacco Action Group (£126,000). Primary schoolchildren’s exposure to e-cigarettes, tobacco smoke and perceived smoking norms in Wales: a mixed methods study. April 2018 - December 2019.
  • Hallingberg, B. (PI) School of Social Sciences, Research Committee Funding, Cardiff University (£2,531.25). October 2017 – May 2018
  • Hallingberg, B. (PI) Erasmus Staff Training Mobility Grant. Cardiff University. (€1,000). April 2018