The Project

Project Title:

Enabling an environment of Quality for International HE Partnerships between the UK and Vietnam' (EQUIP)


Going Global Partnerships (GGP) British Council


£46,845 Funding by British Council and £20,077 of Cardiff Met match funding

Project Duration:

10th January 2022 – 1st March 2024

​Enabling an environment of Quality for International HE Partnerships between the UK and Vietnam' (EQUIP) is a project supported by a UK-Viet Nam Partnerships for Quality and Internationalisation grant from the British Council.

A priority discipline area for this Strand is Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is the intention of this project to focus on benchmarking of qualifications in AI, as well as the wider field of Computer Science, leading to the subsequent professional development of staff.

Training will be developed following an analysis phase of the current situation and the completion of the benchmarking exercise to ensure the package is in line with the findings. Two stages of training will take place: firstly, to AI/Computing Departmental Staff, and secondly to all staff. Through the project the partners will implement a Community of Practice between UK and Vietnamese HEIs involving industry, community, organisations and PRBS that will facilitate a fruitful and long-lasting partnership based on mutual collaboration. The culmination of project activities will be in the development of the EQUIP Toolkit which will be collated and disseminated via the QAA to MOET, Centres for Education Accreditation in Vietnam, and British Council. These aims are set out over six key objectives as follows:

1. Analysis of the current situation at Ho Chi Minh University of Technology (HCMUT), Hanoi University of Science & Technology (HUST) and Viet Nam National University (VNU) to identify areas of best practice and areas in need of development.

2. Qualification Benchmarking at all levels that help UK and Vietnamese HEIs improve market understanding, local practices, opportunities, and access for academics of UK HEIs.

3. Development and delivery of training with key members of staff at Vietnamese partner HEIs and CMET in AI related departments (Training Group 1).

4. Development of a professional development package for all staff at Vietnamese partner HEIs (Training Group 2) on quality processes encompassing international standards within the local cultural context.

5. Implement a Community of Practice between UK and Vietnamese HEIs.

6. Develop the EQUIP Toolkit and disseminate nationally.