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British Council Vietnam-Fostering a Culture of Quality at NEU

British Council Logo Cardiff Met and colleagues at National Economics University, Hanoi, and QAA have been working together to enhance quality at NEU within learning and teaching, with a focus on student engagement. The project was co-funded by the British Council as part of the UK-Vietnam Higher Education Partnership.

Over a period of 12 months, the project team have delivered two rounds of training workshops, developed and implemented a community of practice and surveyed more than 500 students. The materials from these activities are collated here to aid other universities who may want to enhance the way they engage with students.  A presentation on the project at Cardiff Met’s Partner Conference was held after the completion of the first wave of training. 

Read more about it here.

The materials have been developed based on the higher education sector in Vietnam but could be adapted for use in other countries

The British Council project successfully ended in January 2020 and the toolkit for student engagement was created and developed by Cardiff Met, National Economics University (NEU) and the QAA. Details of the toolkit can be found here.

The materials for the toolkit for student engagement can be found in the below links:

Overview of the Toolkit

Materials for conducting surveys

Materials for conducting workshops

Materials for the Community of Practice