Ariana Mihoc

Ariana Mihoc

Type of outward mobility: 

Santander Scholarship PhD student short course experience

Host university: 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in USA.


'Through Santander Scholarship Program I was given the chance to attend two short courses at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in USA. It has been, as Bostonians would say, a 'wicked' experience. MIT is a fascinating place to visit with history of discoveries and inventions. It truly forms a beacon of knowledge guiding the future. During my stay in Boston, I had the chance to visit the MIT Media Lab, prestigious for its innovations. My visit at MIT has been an inspirational experience and I very much recommend to students and staff to find participatory universities and apply for the Santander Scholarship Program. This would give them the chance to visit and meet other academics, collaborate in research work or simply attend courses.' ​