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BUNAC Summer Camp - USA

​More information on BUNAC can be found here - Summer Camp USA |


Are you interested in completing an 8-week placement in the USA?  Yes, then the BUNAC Summer Camp - USA is just for you!


The 8-week summer programme will allow you to work abroad as a Camp Counsellor, Activity Specialist or Special Needs Counsellor.

Throwing yourself into the spirit of Summer Camp USA will be a rewarding, skill-enhancing and best summer of your life!  You will work alongside fellow camp counsellors to develop lifelong leadership skills as well as lifelong friendships.


Project At a Glance...

Information on a typical day on BUNAC's Summer Camp - USA can be found by accessing the following link - Summer Camp USA The Summer Camp in America Experience - A Typical Day |

No matter what job you get hired for at Summer Camp USA, BUNAC advise that you will have two main job responsibilities:

  • To look after your campers' well-being

  • To HAVE FUN!

Each day will differ depending on which camp job you are hired to do and which activities you're teaching, plus each camp with have its own unique schedules and traditions.


12th June 2023 to 11th August 2023


£369 excluding flights. 

Funding for this amazing American adventure is available via Turing and Taith.  

Email for more information.

Deadline to apply

The Global Opportunities deadline is the 30th January 2023