Bleddyn Lewis

Bleddyn Lewis

Type of outward mobility: 

Cardiff School of Art and Design Short Term Mobility university field visit 

Host university: 

Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in China


‘I have always spoken about visiting Jingdezhen since I can remember doing ceramics. This trip has changed my life for the better. Seeing how the culture behaves towards ceramics is overwhelming with information on material value. 

My practice has always been based on Asian culture and given the chance to get primary research, observing demonstrations of making techniques with throwing, glazing and firings has only made me even more aware. My skills and understanding have improved dramatically since coming back.  

I specialise in the famous oxblood and I had opportunity to able to sit down with masters who had spent 30 years making oxblood and sharing knowledge. When exploring around the oxblood glazes were to be seen everywhere in shops on the street. I saw some that I had never even seen before and the locals where very open to share their information.’  ​