Esyllt George

Esyllt George

​Type of outward mobility: 

Santander staff scholarship​

Host university: 

Barcelona School of Design and Engineering (ELISAVA) in Spain


‘My visit was based at Elisava University of Design and Engineering.  I was able to tailor my learning and time to utilise best outcomes for myself and students I work with. Elisava provided me with contacts and leads both within and external to their institution, through which I was able to develop my research.
This work led to establishing a number of contacts and links for Cardiff Metropolitan University staff, students and graduates from a wide arena of visual arts industries, including:

Educational establishments
Design projects – Fashion, Materials and Product Design
Entrepreneurial initiatives/start up design programmes for recent graduates 
Art Residency Programmes
Craft based industries
Heritage programmes   

I have produced a document which is being published on Cardiff Met’s Blackboard website to be utilised by Cardiff Met staff and students. This provides details of key contacts and overview of their work. These contacts have an interest in developing links with our institution.’  ​