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Internship Opportunities

Absolute Internship 

Absolute Internship enables university students and graduates to develop their career aspirations across the globe, with programmes taking place in Barcelona, Beijing, Hong Kong, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Paris, Shanghai, Singapore, Stockholm, and Tokyo, working with world-class companies to provide amazing opportunities for students and recent graduates. Join this session to learn about what opportunities, both in-person and virtual are waiting for you.


Combining work and travel is the perfect opportunity to develop your personal and professional skills. Interning in one of several cities in Asia will enable you to explore a new culture and travel to a beautiful country whilst boosting your employability. Join this session to learn more about the opportunities available via CRCC Asia including details on the British Council Generation UK programme.

Pagoda Projects

Pagoda Projects is a great organisation that helps students find internships all over the world. They also offer a wide range of remote internships, ideal to do alongside your studies as well as suiting to this time where travel is still very restricted. Join this session with Pagoda Projects to learn what's available, how remote internships work, and how you can apply.

Stage Malta

Cardiff Met Global Opportunities has an excellent relationship with Stage Malta, and we have sent many students out over the last few years to carry out a summer placement or graduate placement with this excellent placement provider in the beautiful country of Malta. This session is a must for anyone looking for a work placement to add to their CV, and to have a great experience.

Think Pacific

A unique opportunity to carry out a virtual placement with Think Pacific, an organisation based in Fiji. Join the team from Think Pacific in this session to find out about all the amazing opportunities this virtual placement entails, as well as how to apply to get a fully funded scholarship to take part.

The Intern Group

Join the Intern Group's session to learn about what remote internships are available to you, and how you can get involved. The Intern Group offers placements in numerous fields, working with over 3000 organisations around the world, from small and medium-sized businesses, to start-ups.


Global Opportunities will be presenting on:

Erasmus and Exchange study placements 

Join the Global Opportunities team to find out about how you can study abroad either at one of Cardiff Met's European Erasmus partner universities or one of our international partners. Find out where you can go, for how long, details on funding and the application process.

Erasmus work placements

The Erasmus+ scheme provides funding for you to do a work placement anywhere in Europe, either during the holidays or as a recent graduate. Learn about this great opportunity to gain work experience abroad.

GO Global Bursary 

We have funding available for you to apply for our GO Global Bursary.  There is funding available, up to £500 towards your own unique opportunity. We will explain what kind of experience this bursary can cover, as well as go through the application process. We will also give you a sneak peek of some of the virtual placements that the GO Global Bursary can fund.

Global Wales Discover

Global Wales Discover is a brilliant opportunity for Welsh-domiciled students to see the world! GWD provides funding for you to go to a large number of countries all over the world to do a placement.


Following the success of the Virtual Christmas programme, Global Opportunities is excited to announce a new call for a Virtual Easter programme run by Pagoda Projects.

By completing the programme you will develop cultural fluency and gain an insight into the professional world of the UK, Greater China, Vietnam & Mexico through a variety of channels.

The Easter virtual programme is an entirely flexible 3-week virtual mobility programme with tangible benefits, whilst fitting around your Easter break. The programme focuses on cultural fluency, digital skills and employability in a global context




Thinking about doing postgraduate studies in the USA? If so, this webinar is not one to be missed. Fulbright Awards provide funding an support to make studying as a postgraduate in the USA a reality for UK students. Fulbright are committed to increasing access to higher education, and promoting diversity and inclusion in the USA and UK. Join this session to find out more.

British Council English Language Assistants

Established in 1905, the British Council’s English Language Assistants (ELA) programme is a major UK mobility initiative that offers paid teaching placements abroad, providing the perfect opportunity to travel, teach and gain invaluable experiences along the way. 

Every year the British Council send around 2,500 English Language Assistants from the UK to support the teaching of English in 14 countries around the world.  Join this session to find out about the programme and information on the next call.


Global Opportunities Goes Green

Global Opportunities Goes Green

In a world where sustainability is becoming a more and more important issue, it is essential that we all consider the environmental impact of our actions. While we believe and evidence shows that having a Global Opportunity has a great impact on both your study success and in shaping and challenging you as an individual, we must consider that airline flights are a leading contributor or CO2 emissions.

This is why the Global Opportunities team are excited to share with you some top tips and some great resources to help you offset your carbon footprint and travel as sustainably as possible.