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Cardiff Met is excited to announce that we have been awarded Taith funding for academic year 2022-23. 

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Taith is Wales' new international learning exchange programme, creating life-changing opportunities to travel, volunteer, learn and experience.

Eligible students will receive a financial contribution for placements lasting between 2 weeks to 1 year.


About Taith

Cardiff Met students who are enrolled in studies leading to a recognised degree can take part in the Taith scheme. Students do not need to be UK nationals to be eligible for the scheme and can be studying full time, part time or have recently graduated.

Current students can take part in a study or traineeship placement and those who have graduated within the last 12 months can carry out a traineeship abroad.

Funding will be available through the Taith Scheme for placements during the period from September 2022 to August 2023.

Study or traineeship placements can last two weeks to 12 months.



Successful students will receive funding to go towards the general cost of living. This will vary depending destination country/territory. Destination countries/territories will be grouped into three categories: Group 1 (high cost of living), Group 2 (medium cost of living), Group 3 (lower cost of living). The rates that will be provided have been outlined below.

Students will receive a daily rate of:


For the first 2 weeks of placement. 


  • To Group 1 destinations: £26
  • To Group 2 destinations: £24
  • To Group 3 destinations: £22


For placements lasting 2 weeks to 8 weeks:


  • To group 1 destinations: £18
  • To group 2 destinations: £16
  • To group 3 destinations: £14


For placements lasting 8 weeks to 12 months:


  • To group 1 destinations: £14
  • To group 2 destinations: £12
  • To group 3 destinations: £11

All students will receive a travel grant based on the distance of their host country.

100 to 499km : £150/ £180 Green top-up

500 to 1999km: £230/£270 Green top-up

2000 to 299km: £300/£350 Green top-up

3000 to 3999km: £450/£520 Green top-up

4000 to 7999km: £350

8000 to 12000km: £600

12000km +: £700

Additional support for those from disadvantaged backgrounds


Participants from disadvantaged backgrounds will receive a higher cost of living grant.

The cost of living grant funding provided to students from disadvantaged backgrounds will be:




Please contact for more information on what study and work exchanges are available and for information on funding including which countries/territories are listed within each group.


You can submit an expression of interest via the online application system.  More information can be found by accessing the following link: - Application