Jacob Williams

Jacob Williams

​​Ty​pe of outward mobility: 

Cardiff School of Sport & Health Sciences Short Term Mobility university field visit.  

Host university: 

City Unity College in Greece


‘The trip offered the opportunity to experience a new culture while comparing cultural differences between public health and healthcare systems. The chance to network with others working within the health psychology field was also a motivating factor. 

I received certification for taking part in the 1st Health Psychology Symposium. Our group also have the opportunity to write a journal article about our experience.

The opportunity to communicate with others in the field, gain further understanding of the health system and discuss cultural differences, has been very beneficial for my own knowledge and understanding of health psychology.

The oral presentations helped to improve my confidence and presentation skills. Furthermore, communicating with the Greek health psychology students improved my ability for reflexive thinking and understanding of cultural differences. 

I would highlight the personal and academic benefits and the opportunity to visit an exciting new city is not one to be passed at.’ ​