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PG Scholarships for Outgoing Students

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The Fulbright Award is now open, deadline date November 2021. 


What are the Fulbright Awards?

The Fulbright Awards provide funding and support for postgraduate study or research in the United States and are offered by the US-UK Fulbright Commission.


What are the benefits of a Fulbright award?

Fulbright offer a number of awards, each with its own grant amount. The All Disciplines Postgraduate Award offers up to $45,000 toward tuition, fees and maintenance costs in the US –to be used in any discipline, at any accredited US university. Other awards are offered in partnership with sponsors or US universities or may be for a particular subject or a career field –each offers a specific funding package.


Who is eligible to apply?

The Postgraduate awards, are for Master's and PhD programmes as well as visiting studentship or research supported by a US institution.

Applicants should hold UK citizenship. However:

•Applications from non-UK citizens may be accepted in certain circumstances. See our website for full eligibility requirements.

•Citizens of British Overseas Territories are eligible to apply.

•Applications from dual US/UK citizens, US residents or green card holders will be deemed ineligible.

•Irish citizens from and resident in Northern Ireland are eligible to apply.

Applicants for the Postgraduate Awards must hold a 2:1 undergraduate degree (or equivalent).  Applications maybe accepted from students with a 2:2 overall undergraduate result in some exceptional cases.


Global Wales Postgraduate Awards

The Welsh Government, Global Wales partners and the Welsh universities have partnered with the Fulbright Commission to provide two Awards for individuals with a strong connection to Wales to study or research in the US. 

Awards available:

Welsh All Disciplines Award

One award for a Master's degree at any accredited US university and in any discipline. This award is for British citizens who have lived in Wales for at least 5 years and intend to return to Wales after their Fulbright.

Grant amount: Up to $45,000.

This award is intended as a contribution towards the first year of tuition fees and general maintenance costs in the USA.


Where can I find out more?

For further information please visit -  Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarships | US-UK Fulbright Commission

Sign up to the Fulbright Awards mailing list - US-UK Fulbright Commission (

Watch the Getting Started webinar - Fulbright Awards UK Webinar 2021: Getting Started - YouTube

Ask their Alumni about their experiences of a Fulbright Award - Ask our Alumni | US-UK Fulbright Commission

Contact Fulbright at

Discover free, impartial advice about US postgraduate education from the Education USA Advising Team here - EducationUSA Advice | US-UK Fulbright Commission