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Planning your trip and Before you travel

​Plan your journey

Do you have to travel by plane? Of course sometimes it's a necessity, but sometimes alternative forms of transport can be an affordable and achievable. You could also consider the smaller steps of the journey to help offset your carbon footprint. Could you carpool to the airport or do at least a leg of the journey by public transport? Could you book to travel as a group instead of by yourself?

Go paperless

Since we have been working from home since the pandemic hit, all that paperwork that would normally involve printing and scanning all of your travel and application documents has been done fully online. This is a change we welcome as we move forwards. Many airlines now allow you to keep your flight ticket on their app, rather than having to print it off. Why not try this to help make your Global Opportunity as paper-free as possible?

Living out of a suitcase

Studying or working abroad is a perfect time to try living with less. You can only bring a finite amount of clothes, books, etc. with you in your suitcase. You may find that you like having a smaller capsule wardrobe and getting creative with what you already have, rather than regularly buying new items.