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Play Action International

​​​The call to apply for a Play Action International programme is now open and will close on the 8th December 2023. You can apply by clicking the following link: Global Opps Application System

About the programme:

Play Action International was founded on the fervent desire for children to have access to their right to play. Founders Tom and Carla constructed the very first playground at Walakuba West Primary School in Uganda in 2009, and since then over 400 playgrounds have been built, giving thousands of children access to play for years to come.

You can get involved and fundraise for the charity throughout the year, and then spend up to 4 weeks in Uganda volunteering to help build a fun, safe, and exciting playground at a school during the summer. Alongside your volunteering, you will have the opportunity to explore Uganda, and take part in activities like a Big 5 Safari, kayaking down world famous rapids, cruising along the river Nile at sunset, and much more!

Brand new for 2023, PAI is giving you the chance to go out to their brand new compound in Kenya for 14 days to build an exciting playground at a nearby primary school, as well as explore the beautiful country of Kenya. As an ethical, affordable trip, it is the perfect opportunity to have the summer of a lifetime!

As a charity, PAI are committed to running ethical and sustainable projects. To this end, all volunteers will take part in unskilled labour, ensuring that jobs are created and protected, not taken away. By volunteering with Play Action International, you can be confident that you are making a positive difference in the world, while enjoying a unique and exciting opportunity!


Funding for this amazing volunteering experience is available via Turing and Taith. Email for more information.


  • Uganda. Please click here - Uganda for more information.
  • Kenya. Please click here - Kenya for more information.