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Practical advice and information for Studying abroad

​Students take part in a global opportunity for many different reasons, for some it is a required part of their degree, for others it's an ideal opportunity to live in another city in Europe or worldwide for a few exciting months. We have put together some of the main reasons that employers and students tell us are the key benefits of taking part. 

The job market nowadays is an international one, so when you graduate, not only will you be competing with UK graduates, but also with highly qualified graduates from other countries. In this multi-cultural, multi-lingual European job market, the ability to communicate in another language is highly desirable; and demonstrating that you have lived, studied and worked in another environment enables you to compete more effectively. Developing self-assurance and independence are the keys to a successful career. As less than five per cent of the student population participates in Erasmus+ - you’ll stand out and employers will notice you.

There is considerable current interest in the employability of graduates with language skills. Executive recruiters see competence in at least one other language in addition to English as critical for business success in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Staff who can speak more than one language will have significant competitive advantage. Staff with language skills are seen by businesses as being more flexible and adaptable, more likely to appreciate the need for intercultural communication skills and more able to build relationships with counterparts or clients in other countries.

A global experience will enhance your personal development, your job opportunities, your confidence, and your enjoyment of life. Exchange students are not tourists - you'll live and participate in the day to day life of the country you choose. Living and studying in a new country is a challenge – you will find yourself facing new and unexpected situations. Overcoming these obstacles and learning to manage your life within another culture brings maturity, confidence and self-reliance – great life skills.

Completing a global opportunity offers you the chance to study your subject in different contexts, with different teachers and different class mates. You'll be surprised by the different approach and the insights that students from other countries can bring. It also gives you the opportunity to study different subjects and options that might not be available to you in the UK. It's both challenging and highly rewarding.

Studying, living or working in another country breaks down barriers between people and enables interaction with different cultures, in a way no classroom can. It allows us to find the common ground that binds us all together and the distinctions that make each of our cultures and us, unique. Undoubtedly it is a great opportunity to explore new countries and cultures, make new friends and learn another language. Mobility also broadens our horizons in many other ways, it triggers independent thought, improves our ability to deal with difference and makes us question the established ways of seeing and doing things.