Shahla Khan

Shahla Khan

Type of outward mobility: 

Santander PhD Student Scholarship

Host university: 

Oxford University in UK


‘One of the best ways to win any game is to write the rules said Michael Malone. The Santander Scholarship supported by the Outward Mobility department at Cardiff Met helped me win the scholarship award by simplifying the rules and making them accessible to applicants like me. It was a very well organised and positive experience for me.
Personally, this award is a big step forward for my research because I am using the funds to take crucial courses while learning and polishing my research skills. If not for the scholarship, it would not have been possible for me to self fund this research and learning endeavour. I also aim to publish a paper in collaboration with my host institute which will be a positive outcome towards the university’s research goals. 

Overall, I want to say that every student should dream big and work with the Outward Mobility team to work for the scholarship and make their education and research experience at Cardiff Met more productive. I would certainly recommend Santander Outward Mobility Scholarships to all fellow and future students.’ ​