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Rhian Clutterbuck - BA Fashion Design

Santander Virtual Christmas Programme

​With my last day undertaking this spectacular programme I managed to complete one final skill course as I was sure it would be insightful as the rest ...and so it was!

Some pivotal information I gathered:
I've learnt when undertaking entrepreneurial activities, one must be authentic, interactive, creative, and the content must be about the consumer, not the owner. When beginning working experience within marketing, I now understand that it's smart to write the businesses stats and figures down, so that if these grow it would look great when writing on a CV. I've learnt key marketing contributes such as the peak times of uploading on different social media platforms. The terms; SEM, SEA, and SEO, their differences, and how they help businesses online thrive. Lastly, I've studied the various opportunities within marketing, how to organize businesses strategies, and how to expand and reach the right audience.

I've expanded my knowledge greatly throughout this 3-week internship. I recommend it greatly to those that wish to be seen as a more attractive candidate for future employment, and, for those who are thinking of creating their own business.