The call to apply for the Travelteer programmes is now open and will close on the 8th of December 2023. You can apply by clicking the following link: Global Opps Application System​

Travelteer brings an innovative concept that is at the forefront of responsible travel and ethical volunteering. They understand the importance of utilising volunteers' skillsets to provide support for their programmes in Sri Lanka and Nepal and using their unique model they can offer volunteers access to their programmes with 100% of the money fundraised going directly to the cause. Not only does Travelteer offer life changing volunteering, but the opportunity to explore and travel!

Travelteer strips away the often-misleading jargon to offer an ethical, affordable, transparent service that offers high-impact volunteering with the opportunity to go on an adventure! They are partnered with government authorities & NGOs in placement destinations to create programmes that operate at a local level whilst having an impact nationally. Their programmes are designed to fully engage volunteers and ensure their skills are utilised to maximise benefits for both the volunteer and the projects.


Funding for this amazing volunteering experience is available via Turing and Taith. Email for more information.


  • Sri Lanka.  Please click here - Sri Lanka for more information.
  • Nepal. Please click here - Nepal for more information.

  • Costa Rica. Please click here - Costa Rica for more information.