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Cardiff Metropolitan University is a popular choice amongst students from the United States, and we've been welcoming students to our two campuses for many years.

A degree from Cardiff Metropolitan University can be completed in 3 years, and a masters degree in 1 year. Our degrees are equal to that of the US, meaning you can complete quicker and for a fraction of the price!

Students choosing to study at Cardiff Met from the United States can benefit from the following:

  • A generous scholarship of up to £2,000 per year for undergraduate majors (worth a total of £6,000 for your whole degree)

  • A generous scholarship of £2,500 for masters level study.

  • High standard of living, with low cost of living in one of the UKs most affordable cities.

  • A top UK university for sports allowing you to study and play at a high level. We also offer you free gym and activity class membership whilst studying.

  • Opportunity to study abroad for a semester or a summer programme on a range of university funded programs.

American students choose a range of majors whilst studying with us, but popular ones are in the School of Sport and Health Sciences and the School of Art and Design. We have US students studying across all our schools. ​

"What I enjoy the most is how the courses are designed here. The courses are designed to help with real-world application and placement into jobs even in your first year to help support you after you graduate."

- Elias, BSc(Hons) Sport Management, class of ‘26​

Entry Requirements

Students who have the​ following qualifications may be considered for direct entry onto relevant schemes at Cardiff Metropolitan University:

Foundation Courses

High School Graduation Diploma with a grade lower than B, without any additional tests or classes can be considered for entry to the Foundation Year Programme.

Undergraduate Courses (Majors)​​

Cardiff Metropolitan University has removed the requirement for standardised tests for students who have passed OR are predicted to pass the High School Diploma with a grade B average or above. 

For majors that require a specific subject (e.g. a science), in addition to the overall B grade average in high school, we would require one of the following:

  • IB HL Certificate in relevant subject – 4+

  • AP Exam in relevant subject – 3+

  • AP Class (Grade 11 or 12) in relevant subject – 3.5+/85%+

  • Honors Class (Grade 11 or 12) in relevant subject – 3.5/85+

  • Community College Credit in relevant subject – C+

For students who have passed or are averaging under a grade B, we would ask for a minimum High School Diploma of C as well as one of the following:

  • SAT with a combined score of 1050+

  • ACT with an overall score of 20+

  • AP Exam grade 3+

  • 2 x Honors level OR AP classes (taken in Grade 11 or 12) with a minimum of B+

  • Community College/Dual Enrolment – C+

Postgraduate (Grad School) Courses

Students with a Bachelor degree from a recognised institution in USA with minimum GPA 2.8 or above

OR students with a good GPA and relevant work experience over 1 year

OR students with a Bachelor degree from a recognised institution in the UK

OR Masters degree.

Funding and Scholarships



USA Regional Scholarship: Cardiff Metropolitan University has scholarships available of up to £2,000 per year for undergraduate students. This equates to £6,000 for the three years you are studying with us. In addition to this, we will not increase your tuition fees whilst you are studying with us. These scholarships will automatically be applied, and taken off your fees, if you are eligible.


USA Regional Scholarship: Cardiff Metropolitan University has scholarships available of up to £2,500 per year for grad school students. These scholarships will automatically be applied, and taken off your fees, if you are eligible.

Alumni Scholarship: If you are progressing to studying from undergraduate to postgraduate study at Cardiff Metropolitan University you will receive a 20% discount in your fees.

Global Wales Postgraduate Scholarship: Through the Global Wales scheme, we are pleased to offer a Postgraduate Scholarship valued up to £10,000. This is a competitive scholarship and requires an application. More information is available here.


Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Cardiff Metropolitan University are participating in the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) scheme. For further information on FAFSA and the processes involved, please visit our US Federal Loan pages. Please note, unfortunately the Pell Grant is unable to be taken outside the US.

Please note, not all programmes are eligible for Federal Aid and you should check with US Loans and/or your Regional Manager to check that your programme is. Information available here

Sallie Mae or other private loan provider

Students who are unable to take out US Federal loans, or who do not meet the criteria for a US Federal loan, can borrow from private lenders in the US. Cardiff Metropolitan University will work with whichever private lender you decide to use, however, please be aware that Sallie Mae is the only lender we are currently aware of that is willing to lend to students at a Foreign School.

US Veterans Affairs Benefits

Cardiff Metropolitan University does not currently have approval to offer Veterans Affairs Benefits.​

​Upcoming events in your country:

Our representatives will be visiting cities across the USA throughout the year. Contact Nicola to arrange an appointment.

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