It is a legal requirement for the University to have copies of your immigration documents. You will receive instructions on how to provide these copies to the University via CAS Shield, once you have arrived in the UK. 

The documents you will need to provide are your: 

• Entry Clearance visa (with entry stamp)

• BRP card

Please note, if you have travelled through an e-Gate at the airport and your Entry Clearance vignette has not been date stamped, please provide the University with alternative evidence of your travel to the UK, such as your flight ticket or boarding pass. If you are intending to rent accommodation in the private sector, you will also be expected to show evidence of entry to the UK to your letting agency or landlord.

Once the documents have been received and checked, you will receive an email with instructions for enrolment and your username and password. use the enrolment guide to help you with completing the enrolment process. It is recommended that you complete the enrolment process as soon as possible after receiving the link. Enrolment must be completed before the start date of your course.

You can find the Enrolment Guide here

Please take some time to read the Terms & Conditions of your enrolment Terms and Conditions.

For any queries or if you experience any problems, please contact: Enrolment - Enrolment Help Link