Dr Ahmed Almoraish

Department: Marketing & Strategy

Office/Location: 02.55A, Ogmore Building, Cardiff School of Management, Llandaff Campus

Telephone: +44 (0)2920 417127

Email: aalmoraish@cardiffmet.ac.uk

Staff Overview

Dr Ahmed Almoraish is a lecturer in Marketing at Cardiff School of Management since July 2021. Prior to this, He worked as a Lecturer in Marketing at Nottingham Trent University.

He has PhD in Marketing from the University of Strathclyde. While being a doctoral researcher, he has had a rare privilege to work for Cardiff University as a part-time tutor in the Department of Marketing and Strategy. Prior to this, he worked as a tutor on the Management Development Programme at the University of Strathclyde, where he obtained a postgraduate certificate in research methodology. He studied MBA at Cardiff University. He has also worked as a tutor at Taiz University, where he received a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

He also has relevant industry experience as a supervisor of the Marketing Research Department at Yemen Company for Ghee and Soap Industry YCGSI, which belongs to HSA GROUP, one of the largest groups of companies worldwide, including the UK. During his career in the industry, he conducted various research activities that help decision-makers draw up strategies such as customer satisfaction, market share, distribution channels, competitive analysis, promotional campaign analysis and product evaluation.


He is involved in delivering lectures, seminars and workshops in the modules Research Methods, Introduction to Digital Marketing and Marketing. Dr Ahmed is also involved in the supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate dissertation projects.


The main role of his research activities is to help companies generate sustainable success over a more extended period. This is the objective the strategic marketing serves, informed by such theories as relationship marketing, customer loyalty or the resource-based view of the firm, and more broadly, organisational behaviour.

During his PhD, he sought to address the notion of Customer Experience (CX) – its measures, drivers, and consequences but, in this case, purely from the B2B perspective. The overall theme of his research interests lies in Marketing Strategy, Customer Experience, B2B Relationships, Service Marketing, Relationship Marketing and Marketing Research, and Statistical Analysis and Quantitative Research Methods.

Dr Ahmed is interested in mixed methods, cross-sectional and longitudinal studies. He is a strongly quantitative researcher familiar with Structural Equation Modelling (SEM), Fuzzy-SetQualitative Comparative Analysis (FsQCA), Amos, SPSS and PROCESS macro.

Dr Ahmed has a paper under review at the Journal of Service Research (ABS 4*). Besides, he has several working papers aimed to be submitted soon to high-ranking journals such as Industrial Marketing Management (ABS 3*).

He actively participates in national and international academic conferences. He has presented his research output in a number of leading conferences, such the European Marketing Academy (EMAC).

Key Publications

Articles under-review:

Gounaris, S., and Almoraish, A. (2021). Customer experience in the business-to-business service context: The customer's perspective and insights for the management. Journal of Industrial Marketing Management [ABS 3*].

Articles in progress:

Almoraish, A. (2021). Does the supplier’s financial offer outweigh the customer experience in theB2B context? The Paper is under development. To be submitted to the journal of Industrial Marketing Management [ABS 3*].

Almoraish, A. and Gounaris, S. (2021). How much does it cost to deliver the required level of customer experience? And what is the impact on the company's actual financial performance from doing so? The Paper is under development. To be submitted to the journal of Industrial Marketing Management [ABS 3*].

Conference papers

Almoraish, A., & Gounaris, S. (2018). How does past and present customer experience explain the satisfaction with the supplier? A fuzzy set qualitative comparative approach. In European Marketing Academic Annual Conference: EMAC 2018.

Almoraish, A. (2017). Measuring customer experience and its consequences in B2B professional service customers: A longitudinal study. In 6th International Research Conference in Marketing, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

Almoraish, A., Gounaris, S. & Wagner, B. (2016). Conceptualising customer experience in B2B services, Athens. ATINER'S Conference Paper Series, No: MKT2016-2223.

Almoraish, A. (2015). Developing a scale to measure the experience of the dyadic relationships between suppliers and customers in the business market. In 6th EMAC Regional Conference: Doctoral Seminar, Vienna.

Almoraish, A. (2014). Developing a scale for the measurement of customer and supplier experience in business markets. In 3rd International Research Conference in Marketing, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

Other Projects and activities

Dr Ahmed is involved in research collaboration with colleagues from other institutions in the UK and abroad.

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