Dr Chris Miller

Department: Programme Director and Senior Lecturer MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

Office/Location: 01.41D, Ogmore Building, Cardiff School of Management, Llandaff Campus

Telephone: +44 (0)29 2041 6310

Email: cmiller@cardiffmet.ac.uk

Staff Overview

Previous Roles have included;-

Associate Lecturer Cardiff School of Management – Cardiff Metropolitan University

Principal Lecturer University of South Wales – Enterprise, Economics, International Business and Procurement and Supply Chain Management Departments

Senior Lecturer/ Scheme Leader – International Business & Enterprise

Lecturer Entrepreneurship, Strategy, International Business and Enterprise Education

Chief Buyer, Director General Hardware Wholesale Company (Home Hardware Group)


My interests and experience over the past 21 years have resulted in me teaching within the areas of Entrepreneurship, Enterprise and innovation, Small Business Management, International business management, Strategy, Business Planning and Dissertations at both undergraduate and Postgraduate levels.

I have experience at teaching/supervising students at all levels including DBA and PhD students to completion. I have been instrumental in the development of many undergraduate and post graduate modules/courses within a university environment (including online modules and courses).


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Enterprise Education
  • Construction Management focus small contractors and specialists
  • Business Strategy and Leadership
  • International Business Management
  • Business Planning

Key Publications

Publications: Selected Publications

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Other Projects and activities

2016 SBRI Report Value £30,000

2012 - 2015 Academic quality coordinator and research manager EU funded WAVE project (circa £6M)

2009 SIP programme Orbit Business Centre to a value of £10, 000

2009 A4B project £27,000 research into an on-campus energy centre (feasibility study)

2008/9 £150,000 Federation of Small Business Survey

2007 Merthyr Centre for the Partially Sighted business Plan £10, 000

2006 Construction innovation transfer project £40, 000 to produce a literature review to inform policy of the need for more innovative SMEs in construction

Various KEF funded projects to develop material for SMEs in Wales/UK in areas such as creative industries, media and television. This has equated to around £40,000

Sector Skills Council needs analysis/ scoping exercise report £10,000

2005 Equivalent to $113, 000 to assist in a $750, 000 project that aims to disseminate educational material to small construction firms. The purpose of the project is to assist the take up of sustainable construction. Hong Kong University

2003/4 A consultant for the (Welsh Development Agency) WDA Cyfenter Partnership Report on grant/benefit dependency in Wales among ethnic and other marginalised groups.

A consultant for the WDA Cyfenter Partnership Report on issues of sustainability and growth of businesses in Wales among ethnic and other marginalised groups.

A research consultant for the Yellow Bus Service project, which aims to provide a safer environment for schoolchildren in Wales.

A research consultant for an initiative to increase the level of accessibility for people in rural locations.

I have also been involved in several Knowledge Exploitation Fund (KEF) projects.

External Links

External representation

International Adviser to Strategic Management through Information Leverage Excellence (SMILE) for Small and Medium Contractors (SMC) project – Hong Kong University/Chinese Government

Member of Welsh Development Agency (WDA) Steering Group responsible for drafting the Youth Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Strategy (YEES) for Wales

Vice Chair – Social Programme, 29th Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship Conference (Cardiff 2006 and for the 2013 conference at Cardiff)

Editorial Board of Building & Construction Management (2010), With Mohan Kumaraswamy (Editor) of Hong Kong University.

9/10 – 6/17 Deputy Director of the Centre for Enterprise at University of South Wales