Mr Marc Rhys Johnson

Department: Law, Cardiff School of Management

Office/Location: 2.55c

Telephone: 029 2041 6974


Staff Overview

​​Currently, I am a Senior Lecturer in Law and Programme Director for the LLM International Business.

I have taught law at university level since 2014 and I have had the pleasure of teaching at a wide range of universities both in the UK, and overseas.

My research concerns the relationship between the state and the individual and the use and limits of power in that relationship.


Currently, I am the module leader for Constitutional Law, Administrative Law and Human Rights, Tort Law, and Medical Law and Ethics.


​​Generally, my research concerns: the state’s use of power against the individual; the creation, applicability, and status of law; and the theory of law and law making. These topics cross the fields of public law, legal theory, and the philosophy of law.

In addition to this, I also have an interest in the use of philosophy to develop critical reflection in law and legal education.

Key Publications

  • Johnson M and Jose S, ‘The Rule of Law as a Protector of Human Dignity: A caution against rule by law’ (International Conference on Implementing People-Focussed Access to Justice, Maldives, April 2023)
  • Johnson M and Madhloom O, ‘Addressing implicit bias: A theoretical model for promoting integrative reflective practice in live-client law clinics’ (Association of Law Teachers Annual Conference, Westminster, April 2023)
  • Johnson M, ‘Ebanks-Yates v Ebanks’ (2020) 3 Cayman Islands Law Review
  • Johnson M, ‘Anggaway and Aydoc v Lorimar Development’ (2020) 3 Cayman Islands Law Review
  • Johnson M, ‘Legislative Sovereignty: moving from jurisprudence towards metaphysics’ (2020) 11(3) Jurisprudence 360 []
  • Johnson M, ‘Bermuda’s Domestic Partnership Act 2018: From “living tree” to broken branches?’ (2018) 4 European Human Rights Law Review 367
  • Johnson M, ‘Parliamentary Sovereignty: Brexit and Schrödinger's cat’ (2019)
  • Johnson M, ‘Models of Parliamentary Sovereignty’ (2017)

Other Projects and activities

External Links

Outside of my role at Cardiff Met, I am an External Examiner at another university, and an Academic Panel Member at KCH Garden Square chambers (

In addition to these roles, I regularly review articles and textbooks on public law and the philosophy of law for publishers based both in the UK and overseas.