Dr Onder Kethuda

Department: Department Marketing and Strategy

Office/Location: 7203

Telephone: +44 7916 477559

Email: Okethuda@cardiffmet.ac.uk

Staff Overview

Dr. Önder Kethüda has received his master's and Ph.D. degrees in marketing. He has been a key figure, contributing as both a diligent researcher and an inspiring lecturer.

Throughout his journey, Dr. Kethüda has lent his expertise to SMEs and startups, serving as a marketing and branding consultant while also providing invaluable training to SMEs in Turkey. In addition to his sectoral experience, his research papers have been published in internationally acclaimed journals. His scholarly pursuits predominantly revolve around digital marketing, brand positioning, and service marketing, earning him recognition in the field.

Dr. Kethüda's passion for marketing and entrepreneurship comes to life in his captivating lectures. Covering a wide spectrum of topics, his courses encompass marketing strategies, digital marketing, multichannel marketing, and global marketing. His teaching style empowers students to embrace the dynamic world of marketing, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the ever-evolving business landscape.



​Kethüda, Ö. (2021). Search Engine Optimization in Tourism Enterprises. In O. Özdemir (Ed.), Digital Transformation in Tourism Marketing (p. 25-46). Gazi Kitapevi, Ankara, Turkey.

Kethüda, Ö. (2020). Ethics in Telesales: Case Study in a High-Tech firm Implementing Zero Price Policy. In E. Yıldırım(Ed.), Ethic in Marketing: Current issues due to the digital age (p. 177 197). Gazi Kitapevi, Ankara, Turkey.

Kethüda, Ö. (2019). Evaluating the Success of the Economic and Premium Private Labels in Retailers Positioned at the Opposite Ends of the Price-Quality Axis. In Yusuf Arslan (Ed.), Improving Marketing Strategies for Private Label Products (pp. 83–109). IGI Global.

Key Publications

​Kethüda, Ö., & Bilgin, Y. (2023). The role of social media marketing activities in converting existing students into university advocates. Journal of Marketing for Higher Education, 1-22.

Aktan, M., & Kethüda, Ö. (2023). The role of environmental literacy, psychological distance of climate change, and collectivism on generation Z's collaborative consumption tendency. Journal of Consumer Behaviour. 1-15.

Kethüda, Ö. (2023). Positioning strategies and rankings in the HE: congruence and contradictions. Journal of Marketing for Higher Education, 33(1), 97-123.

Bilgin, Y., & Kethüda, Ö. (2022). Charity social media marketing and its influence on charity brand image, Brand Trust, and donation intention. VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations, 33(5), 1091-1102.

Kethüda, Ö. (2022). Evaluating the influence of university ranking on the credibility and perceived differentiation of university brands. Journal of Marketing for Higher Education, 1-18.

Kethüda, Ö. (2021). Which Matters More in Higher Education: Social Environment or Teaching Excellence? A Comparison between Private and Public Universities. Journal of Higher Education, 11(1), 51–62.

Kethüda, Ö. (2017). Segmenting international student market: An investigation in the United Kingdom. Journal of Higher Education (Turkey), 7(3), 186–196. 

Çatı, K., Kethüda, Ö., & Bilgin, Y. (2016). Positioning Strategies of Universities: An Investigation on Universities in Istanbul. Education And Science, 41(185), 219–234. 

Other Projects and activities

​Evaluating the influence of congruence between universities' ranking scores and tuition fees on international students' value perceptions

Evaluating Effectiveness of Brand Positioning Strategies and Associations of Brand Positioning Strategies with Ranking

Effect of Brand Positioning Typologies for Universities to Corporate Image, Student Satisfaction and Student Loyalty

Segmenting International Student Market based on the Factors Influencing International Students' University Choice Decisions

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