Dr Rufus Olufemi Adebayo

Department: Marketing and Strategy

Office/Location: 1.41b

Telephone: +44 (0) 2920 206618

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Staff Overview

​​​Before and after successfully completing a PhD in Marketing, Dr Rufus Adebayo has taught at the Durban University of Technology, Durban (DUT), South Africa and Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA - Honoris United Universities) in the Marketing, Public Relations, and Business Modules. Currently, Dr Rufus is a Lecturer in Marketing at the Department of Marketing and Strategy, Cardiff School of Management. He is a module leader and lecturer across undergraduate and postgraduate level programs. He counts more on the characteristics and skills for teaching at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and post-graduate supervision in interdisciplinary studies (Arts, Humanities, Businesses and Social Sciences). He has successfully supervised many capstone students, master’s students, and PhD students.

Dr Rufus has over 11 years of productive teaching of interdisciplinary studies with high-quality research publications.

His research has involved a thorough absorption and rigorous engagement with major areas of qualitative and quantitative research inquiry and methodology. His research (with a reasonable number of research publications) reflects a passionate interest in the specific circumstances in which non-profit and social marketers interact with the business. He focuses more on the appropriation of marketing techniques, management, branding, rhetoric, language use in marketing, communication management and image-making by profit and not-for-profit organisations.

Currently, he is serving as a Member of the South African Marketing Research Association (SAMRA). An Affiliate Member of the Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa (PRISA). An Associate Editor of the African Journal for Rhetoric (AJR). Board Member: African Journal of Inter/ Multidisciplinary Studies (AJIMS), Editorial Advisory Board Member: Journal of Global Business Insights (JGBI), University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee, USA. Member, Scientific Paper Review Committee Global Conference on Business and Economics (GLOBE), Florida, USA. Member of the International Scientific Committee: Canadian Conference on Humanities & Social Sciences, Toronto, Canada.


  • Dr Rufus is a Module Leader for Introduction to Marketing Management [BSP4064].
  • He leads teaching and seminar sessions for Introduction to Marketing Management [BSP4064].
  • He leads seminars for Marketing in the 21st Century [BSP3001].
  • He leads seminars for MBA Marketing [MBA7003] Course.
  • Dr Rufus also supervises capstone marketing projects [BSP6079-6082] - PR, Sales, Advertising and Branding Projects.
  • He supervises within the MBA7066 New Business Project Supervision - New Business Projects and Professional Practice [MBA7066].


​​Current and Proposed Research:

  • Costello, J. and Adebayo, R.O. Book chapter [Native Advertising and Digital Platforms] by Taylor and Francis entitled: Native Advertising: Concepts, Theory, and Practice – Submitted.
  • Adebayo, R.O. Analysing Political Rhetoric, Humour, Mockery, Product Development & Social Media Impact in the 2023 Nigerian Electoral Process: The Case of Labour Party (LP) “Elluu P” – Work in Progress.
  • Adebayo, R.O. Artificial Intelligence, and the New Face of Retailing Industry in the United Kingdom: A Case of Amazon Fresh Retailing Outlets – Prospects and Challenges – Work in Progress.
  • Adebayo, R.O. Acculturation, and socio-cultural diversity in businesses: A comparative analysis of Nigerian, Eritrea, Egyptian, and Somalian Migrants in Cardiff, UK – Work in Progress.

Key Publications

  • Adebayo, R.O. and Zulu, S.P. (2023). Influencing Factors between the Choice of Product and Choice of Language Elements within Advertising and Marketing Communication in Durban, South Africa. Interdisciplinary Journal of Economics and Business Law, IJEBL Vol. 12. In press.
  • Adebayo, R.O. and Abon, J.K. (2023). Rhetorical Use of Social Distancing: New Organisational Language and Communication. African Journal of Rhetoric. Vol. 15. pp. 15–35. In press.
  • Ojediran, O.A and Adebayo, R.O. (2023). “The Impact of Total Rewards on Employee Retention: A case of First Aluminium of Nigeria (FAN) organisation” International Journal of Research in Business & Social Science. IJRBS OL 12 NO 3 (2023) ISSN: 2147-4478. p.122-130
  • Adebayo, R.O. and Zulu, S.P. (2023). Divergences and the Sermonic Replications in the Interpreters’ Oral Interpretation among Pentecostal Churches. International Journal of Research in Business & Social Science. IJRBS Vol. 12 No 2: p (2023) ISSN. p.2147-4478
  • Ezenwafor, E., Adebayo, R.O., and Okafor, E.G. (2022). Predictors of Intention to Adopt Fintech among Digitally Active Customers in Nigeria: Online Savings and Investment Platforms [OSIPs]. International Journal of Research in Business & Social Science (2147-4478), Vol. 11, No. 10, ISSN: 2147-4478. p. 180-190.
  • Adebayo, R.O. (2022). Rhetoric and Religion in Africa: An Expression of Language, Spirituality, and Incantation Discourse – Book Chapter. African Journal of Rhetoric. Book Chapter [17] - Lexington Books, USA.
  • Adebayo, R.O. and Zulu, S.P. (2022). Decolonising language in marketing and advertising for native consumers: prospects and challenges. Interdisciplinary Journal of Economics and Business Law, Vol. 11, (4): 329-350.
  • Adebayo, R.O. and Abon, J.K. (2021). Addressing distance learning during and beyond the Covid-19 pandemic: Re-imagining ethical issues and requirements. African Journal of Inter/Multidisciplinary Studies. Volume 3 (Special Issue), 64-73.
  • Adebayo, R.O. (2021). The Services Marketing Mix: Theoretical Views of Church Services Marketing. Global Journal of Management and Business Research: Administration and Management, Vol. 21 (7). 24-35.
  • Adebayo, R.O. (2021). Business, Marketing, and Religion: Analysing Marketing Process. American International Journal of Business Management (AIJBM). Vol. 4(6). Pp. 30-38
  • Adebayo, R.O. and Zulu, S.P. (2021). Christian Communication, Forms, and Secular Dimensions of Language. African Journal of Inter/Multidisciplinary Studies. Vol. 3(2021), 91-102.
  • Abon, J.K. and Adebayo, R.O. (2021). Potential Professional Football Club: A Business-Oriented Organisation. Management and Marketing Journal. Vol. XIX, (1): pp. 27-45.
  • Nkosi, T.P. and Adebayo, R.O. (2021). An exploration of the Progression Policy and its effects on learner achievement in KwaZulu-Natal. Eurasian Journal of Business and Management. Vol. 9(3), 61-70 DOI: 10.15604/ejbm.2021.09.01.005
  • Nkosi, T.P. and Adebayo, R.O. (2021). Teachers’ Perceptions of Parental Involvement among Selected Secondary Schools in the Pinetown District, Durban. Eurasia Journal of Business and Management. 9(1), 61-70 DOI: 10.15604/ejbm.2021.09.01.005
  • Abon, J.K. and Adebayo, R.O. (2020). The use of marketing as a tool for competitive advantage among potential and professional football clubs in KZN, South Africa. Eurasian Journal of Business and Management. 8(4), 319-335 DOI: 10.15604/ejbm.2020.08.04.004
  • Mbewu, N.F. and Adebayo, R.O. (2020). A Rhetoric Analysis of Reputation Management among Universities in South Africa. African Journal of Rhetoric. Vol. 12. pp. 65–95.
  • Adebayo, R.O. (2020). Shopping for Salvation: A Comparative Approach of the Place of Worship and Marketplace in South Africa. International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage. Vol. 8: (8), Article 6. doi:https://doi.org/10.21427/gsmy-2s62
  • Adebayo, R.O. and Govender, J.P (2020). Marketing as an enabler for churches to fulfill their social responsibilities. Journal for the Study of Religion and Ideologies. Vol. 19(55): pg. 3-19.
  • Adebayo, R.O. (2019). Commoditisation, Materialism, and Pentecostal Christian Churches. Alternation Journal: Interdisciplinary Journal for the Study of the Arts and Humanities in Southern Africa. Special Edition 29. ISSN: 2519-5476. pp125 – 148.
  • Adebayo, R.O. and Zulu, S.P. (2019). Miracle as a Spiritual Event and as a Marketing Tactic among NeoCharismatic Churches: a Comparative Study. Tydskrif vir Christelike Wetenskap - Journal for Christian Scholarship. Vol. 55(1 & 2): pg. 105-125.
  • Adebayo, R.O. (2018). Adoption and Adaptation of Rhetorical Devices in South African Pentecostal Churches. African Journal of Rhetoric. Vol 10, ISSN 1988-2054, pp41-66.
  • Adebayo, R.O. and Zulu, S.P. (2018). Use of Language and Communication among the Pentecostal Evangelical Charismatic Churches in Durban, South Africa. Journal of Emerging Trends in Educational Research and Policy Studies. 9 (1): ISSN: 2141-6990.
  • Adebayo, R.O. and Govender, J.P. (2015). Using Marketing as a Means to ‘Sell’ Salvation. African Journal of Rhetoric, 7, ISSN 1988-2054, pp249-273.

Other Projects and activities

​​External PhD Supervision In Progress

Investigating the Behaviour of Small Investors in South Africa Derivatives Market: A Factor Analysis of Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). (PhD Business Administration).

External Master’s Supervision in Progress

Influence of Social Media on Organisational Communication and Organisational Culture: A Case Study of South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) IN EASTERN CAPE. (M.Sc. Public Relations). Submitted for Examinations

Role of the Educational Background on English Language Proficiency: A Case of the Durban University of Technology Students (M.A. Media, Language & Communication). Submitted for Examinations

The Role of EThekwini Municipality in Facilitating Readiness of SMME’s for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (MSc. Business Administration).

External Exam Paper Moderation Roles

​​​​Marketing Research III (MKR31P1/ MKR36P1)WSU2023-2024​
Marketing Research 3 (MARE7311)THE IIE2022-2023
Retail Management 3A (RETM7311)THE IIE2021-2022
Marketing Research 3 (MARE7311)THE IIE2021-2022
Retail Operations Management 3BDUT2017-2018
Retail Operations Management 3BDUT2017-2018
Management Information System 2 (B-Admin)DUT2017-2018
Marketing for Public Relations 201 - MPR201Oval College2017-2018
Marketing Management 301 - MKT301Oval College2017-2018
Tourism Development TDV302Oval College2017-2018
Tourism Development TDV202Oval College2017-2018
Tour Guiding TOG202Oval College2017-2018
Journalism for Public Relations MES302Oval College2017-2018

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