Dr Sajjad Haider

Department: Marketing and Strategy

Office/Location: O2.55D, Ogmore Building, Cardiff School of Management, Llandaff Campus


Email: shaider@cardiffmet.ac.uk

Staff Overview

Sajjad Haider is a Senior Lecturer in the Marketing and Strategy department at the School of Management, Cardiff Metropolitan University. Prior to joining Cardiff Met, he has worked in a number of universities including Cardiff Business School, Edinburgh Napier University, Hong Kong Space University, King Abdulaziz University and Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). He has taught International Business, Strategic Management, Management and Organisational Development, and Entrepreneurship and Innovation at undergraduate, post-graduate, and doctoral levels. His research interests are in the areas of interfirm and intrafirm Relationships, Innovation Management, Decision Making, Management of Operations, Learning and Unlearning, and Knowledge Management.​​


  • ​Strategic Management
  • Business in a Global Economy
  • International Business
  • Enterpreneurship and Innovation
  • Research Methods
  • Organization Learning
  • PhD supervision
  • DBA supervision
  • MBA and MS dissertations/projects supervision
  • Undergraduate dissertation projects


  • ​Organisational Learning and Knowledge Management
  • Business Collaborations and Strategic Alliances
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Enterpreneurship and Innovation
  • Enterpreneurial Education

Key Publications

​Mariotti, F. and Haider, S. (2020). ‘Managing institutional diversity and structural holes: Network configurations for recombinant innovation’. Technological Forecasting and Social Change. Vol. 160.

Haider, S. and Mariotti, F. (2020). ‘The Speed of Learning and Learning Forces’, Knowledge and Process Management. Issue 1, pp. 1-10.

Mariotti, F., Yaqub, M. Z., and Haider, S. (2019). ‘The Co-Evolution of Clusters and The Role of Trans-Local Linkages’. Contributions to Management Science Series. Springer Book Chapter on Design and Management of Interfirm Networks. Springer.

Mariotti, F. and Haider, S. (2018). ‘Network of practices’ in the Italian motorsport Industry’, Technology Analysis & Strategic Management. Vol. 29, Issue 4, pp. 1-12.

Haider, S. and Mariotti, F. (2016). “The orchestration of alliance portfolios: The role of alliance portfolio capability”. Scandinavian Journal of Management. Vol. 32, Issue 3, pp. 127.141.

Haider, S. and Mariotti, F. (2016). “Unfolding Critical Events and Strategic Decisions: The Role of Spatial and Temporal Cognition”, Management Decision. Vol. 54, Issue 7, pp. 1813-1842.

Haider, S. (2014). “Identification, emergence and filling of organizational knowledge gaps: a retrospective processual analysis”. Journal of Knowledge Management. Vol. 18, Issue 2, pp. 411-429.

Nassif, O., Khoualdi, K., and Haider, S. (2012). “Making Sense of Knowledge Flows in the Decision-Making Processes”. Science Series Data Report Journal, Vol. 4, Issue 11, pp. 101-117.

Haider, S. and Mariotti, F. (2010). “Filling knowledge gaps: knowledge sharing across inter-firm boundaries and occupational communities”. International Journal of Knowledge Management Studies. Vol. 4, Issue 1, pp. 1-17. (DOI: 10.1504/IJKMS.2010.029784)

Haider, S. (2009). “The organizational knowledge Iceberg: an empirical investigation”. Knowledge and Process Management. Vol. 16, Issue 2, pp. 74-84.

Other Projects and activities

​Deanship of Scientific Research, KAU. “Challenges and Opportunities of Knowledge Sharing through Inter-organizational knowledge networks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”, with Dr Saud Mandora. Current Status: Complete.

Deanship of Scientific Research, KAU. Knowledge Management and the role of information technology in Saudi Context. With Dr Omar Nasseef and Dr Kamel Khaouldi. Current Status: Complete.

Deanship of Scientific Research, KAU. Cross-Gender Teaching and Learning Assessment. Current Status: Complete.

Carnegie Trust of Universities of Scotland via Stirling University. “The co-evolution of NASCAR and UK Motorsports industry: Inter-cluster learning and knowledge transfer” (funding by Stirling University,) with Francesca Mariotti. Current Status: Complete.

Centre for Research and Development, Edinburgh Napier University. “Internationalisation patterns of Indian and Chinese Multinationals”. Current Status: Complete.

Centre for Management and Economic Research, LUMS. Survey of auto vendors to study inter-firm buyer-supplier linkages in the automotive industry of Pakistan. With Prof. Javed A. Ghani.

Centre for Management and Economic Research, LUMS. Entrepreneurial spirit of Sialkot, Article published in the special issue published by Government of Pakistan on the completion of 50 Years of Pakistan. With Dr Javed A. Ghani.

Haider, S. The fifty years of Pakistan automobile industry, Teaching Note, LUMS.

The Hague University, “Impact of nationalisation on Millat Tractors Pvt Ltd. and Millat’s role in the development of SME (auto vendors) of Pakistan”. With Dr Thomas Hank, ISS, The Hague and Dr Asad Sayeed, Pilar, Pakistan.

Harvard Business School & Pomona College, Claremont, “Contractual Arrangements in Pakistan auto industry: A case study of Millat Tractors Ltd.”.​ With Dr Tahir Andrabi, and Khawaja Asim.​

External Links

​​​Reviewer: International Journal of Business Studies, Journal of Business Research, Academy of Management Review, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Management Decision, Management Learning, Journal of Knowledge Management