Samuel Parry

Samuel Parry

Department: Business, Management, and Law

Office/Location: 1.41g

Telephone: +44(0)29 2020 6324


Staff Overview

​​Sam is a lecturer in Business at Cardiff Met, he is also a PhD candidate at Cardiff Business School where he uses a world-systems analysis, viewing the links between culture, geography, and history to explain the economic peripherality of some European nations, especially Wales. His work has appeared in the Morning Star newspaper, in books such as ‘The Welsh Way’ and ‘Liberated Texts’, and online. His work also won the award for best presentation at the Regional Science Association Early Career Colloquium. His further interests include the study of inequalities in world football, the European Union, and the link between economics and nationalism.


Ethical and Sustainable Business Practices

Ymarferion Busnes Moesegol a Chynaliadwy


​World-Systems Analysis 

Capitalist Transition


International Political Economy 

Economic Development 

Global Inequality

Key Publications

​Parry, S., 2020. Wales, Underdevelopment, and the World System. Peace, Land, and Bread, 2, pp. 174-190.

Parry, S., 2020. The European Union: A New Era in European Imperialism. Peace, Land, and Bread, 3, pp. 53-63.

Parry, S., 2021. Neoliberalism: Perpetuating Welsh Underdevelopment?. In: D. Evans, K. Smith & H. Williams, eds. The Welsh Way: Essays on Neoliberalism and Devolution. Cardigan: Parthian Books, pp. 43-58.

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