Dr. Songdi Li

Department: Strategy and Marketing

Office/Location: O141C


Email: sm24680@cardiffmet.ac.uk

Staff Overview

Songdi currently holds the position of Lecturer in Strategic Management at Cardiff Metropolitan University. She is a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy (FHEA) and has extensive experience teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students in the field of management. Additionally, she has supervised numerous master's students' final research projects.

Previously, Songdi worked as an hourly paid lecturer at Nottingham Business School, where she successfully completed her PhD in December 2022. Her doctoral research focused on exploring the congruence between organizational and middle manager personal values as drivers of manager-led Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) implementation and its impact on perceived Corporate Reputation. Her study specifically examined the context of Higher Education institutions in both the UK and China.

Following the completion of her PhD, Songdi worked as a Research Associate, leading a team of master's students in a project that investigated the cost-of-living crisis in Nottinghamshire. The research project employed a quadruple-helix innovation model to gain insights into the issue.


​​Strategic management (MBA)
Business solution and transformation (MSc)
Business in a global economy (MSc)
Professional development, practice and performance (MSc)


​​My research interests include:
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), organizational and personal values, open innovation, bibliometric analysis, and responsible leadership.

Key Publications

  • The interlink between CSR dimensions and approaches: A comparative case study between UK and Chinese universities. Published in the proceedings of EURAM conference 2022.
  • Values Congruence on CSR and Its Impact on Corporate Reputation. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 8(2019), 37-37
  • The New Model for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Higher Education (HE). Published in the proceedings of British Academy of Management 2020
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Reputation: A Bibliometric Analysis. International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering, 14(2020), pp.1041-1045

Other Projects and activities

  • Currently collaborating with colleagues from the Regional Innovation and Regeneration Centre at Cardiff Metropolitan University on a research paper focusing on innovation leadership.
  • ​Engaged in collaborations with colleagues at Nottingham Business School on two projects: one exploring branding strategies and their impact on consumer perceptions, and the other examining the perceived definition of value.
  • Leading a research project investigating the effectiveness and impact of providing carbon literacy training for university students in the UK. This project aims to assess students' knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors related to carbon reduction and sustainability practices.

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