V Raja Sreedharan

Department: Business, Management and Law



Email: rajasreedharanv@cardiffmet.ac.uk

Staff Overview

​V. Raja Sreedharan is a Senior Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management. Previously he worked as the Lecturer with the BACE research centre in the School of Management at the University of Bradford.

He obtained his PhD in Industrial Engineering and master’s in industrial engineering from the College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University, India. He is a certified Six Sigma green belt.

He has published his works in peer-reviewed journals, and his current research interests focus on managing the VUCA in business operations. His works are focused on productivity paradox and process improvement for industries to achieve sustainable business outcomes.

He gained his corporate exposure working with Apollo Hospital as an external auditor for 5S implementation and spearheading the operations for the entire southern region in Tamil Nadu, India. He also worked as a process engineer in VOLVO Buses for lean projects. Later, he worked with the apparel manufacturer in Morocco for French fashion brands on projects related to the process ambiguity in the in-house supply chain.

He was also associated with the Société Nationale des Transports et de Logistique to understand the VUCA in the inbound supply chain for circular business models. Currently, he is working on carbon neutrality for essential commodities from an operational perspective using emerging technologies in the VUCA world. Raja’s teaching experience includes Postgraduate and Undergraduate modules in Global supply chains, Sustainable logistics, Operational Analytics, Data science for leaders and Circular economy.


​Global Supply Chain Management


​Supply chain Analytics & Disruptive technologies

Circular Economy for perishable commodities

Supply chain decarbonisation

Decision-making in the VUCA world

Key Publications

​Z. El Hathat, T. Zouadi, V. R. Sreedharan and V. Sunder M., "Strategizing a Logistics Framework for Organizational Transformation: A Technological Perspective," in IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, doi: 10.1109/TEM.2023.3249577. https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/10077750

El Hathat, Z., Venkatesh, V. G., Zouadi, T., Sreedharan, V. R., Manimuthu, A., & Shi, Y. (2023). Analyzing the greenhouse gas emissions in the palm oil supply chain in the VUCA world: A blockchain initiative. Business Strategy and the Environment. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/bse.3436

V. Kamala, V. Sunder M, V. R. Sreedharan, K. Chargui, T. Zouadi and G. L. Tortorella, "Testing the S-Curve Theory in OEM for Lean Operations: A Study on Organizational Transformation in the VUCA World," in IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, doi: 10.1109/TEM.2023.3267040. https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/10115456

El Hathat, Z., Sreedharan, V. R., Venkatesh, V. G., Zouadi, T., Arunmozhi, M., & Shi, Y. (2023). Modelling and analyzing the GHG emissions in the VUCA world: Evidence from tomato production in Morocco. Journal of Cleaner Production, 382, 134862. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0959652622044353

Other Projects and activities

​Interested in supervision:

  • Analytics for decision-making in the VUCA world
  • Impact of commodities and global supply chain on our daily life
  • Overcoming the illusion of understanding/ minimise the ambiguity in the process – Operational perspective

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