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Dr Dewi Jaimangal-Jones



​Programme Director in Events Management (Principal Lecturer)

Department: Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management
Telephone No: +44(0)29 2041 6321

Dr Dewi Jaimangal-Jones is a Principal Lecturer in Events Management and the Programme Director for the BA Events Management programme within the Cardiff School of Management. He is an active member of the Association for Events Management Education (AEME), a HEA National Teaching Fellow and an accredited PM4SD trainer. 

Much of his peer reviewed published research has focused on music events and festivals, particularly the influences that contribute to the construction and consumption of contemporary festival experiences, the attitudes of participants, their motivations for participation and their preferences for event experiences.  He has also published work on dance music culture, the social construction of event spaces, the role played by the media in the construction and consumption of event experiences and the application of ethnographic methodologies for events research.

Recent research project include evaluating the economic impact of hosting the Volvo Ocean Race Cardiff Stopover in July 2018 and the economic impact evaluation of the UEFA Champions League Finals 2017 on behalf of the Football Association of Wales and the Welsh Government Major Events Unit.  

He has also worked with the Quality Assurance Agency as a subject specialist on the 2015-2016 review of the Subject Benchmark Statements for Events, Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism.  He was an Academic Advisor to the WCVA on their Spirit of 2012 Event Volunteering project and has worked with a variety of organisations and institutions developing professional standards in volunteering and Event Management education.

He has taught and continues to teach across a wide range of modules within the area of Events Management at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level.


Research groups

Welsh Centre for Tourism Research

Event Studies research group


Association for Events Management Education (AEME)

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Institute of Hospitality

Leisure Studies Association

Research interests

Event impacts and event evaluation

Sustainable events

Event design and theming

Symbolic interactionism and the social construction of events

Events as spaces of alternative identify performance

Dance music events and club culture

Events and the media

Ethnography, participant observation and qualitative research approaches to events

Festivals and cultural events

Charity and fundraising events


Peer reviewed academic journals

Jaimangal-Jones, D., Fry, J., Haven-Tang, C. (2018) Exploring industry priorities regarding customer satisfaction and implications for event evaluation.  International Journal of Event and Festival Management, 9: 1, 51-66.

Jaimangal-Jones, D. (2018) Analysing the media discourses surrounding DJs as authentic performers and artists within electronic dance music culture magazines.  Leisure Studies. 37: 2, 223-235.

Jaimangal-Jones, D. Morgan, M. and Pritchard, A. (2015) Exploring Dress, Identity and Performance in Contemporary Dance Music Culture. Leisure Studies, 34: 5, 603-620.

Davies, K., Ritchie, C., Jaimangal-Jones, D. (2015) A Multi-stakeholder Approach Using Visual Methodologies for the Investigation of Intercultural Exchange at Cultural Events.  Journal of Policy Research in Tourism Leisure and Events, 7: 2, 150-172.

Jaimangal-Jones, D. (2014) Utilising Ethnography and Participant Observation in Festival and Event Research. International Journal of Festival and Event Management, 5: 1, 39-55.

Jaimangal-Jones, D. (2012) More Than Words - Analyzing the Media

Discourses Surrounding Dance Music Events, Event Management, 16: 4, 305-318.

Jaimangal-Jones, D. Pritchard A. and Morgan N. (2010) "Going the distance: Exploring concepts of journey, liminality and rites of passage in dance music experiences", Leisure Studies, 29:3, 253-268.

Book chapters

Jaimangal-Jones, D. (2010) Exploring the construction and consumption of dance music spaces through the liminal lens" in Leisure Experiences: Space, Place and Performance by Lovell, J. and Stuart-Hoyle, M. (eds) Brighton: Leisure Studies Association. 

Conference papers presented:

Jaimangal-Jones, D., Haven-Tang, C., Clifton, N., Rowe, S. (2018) 'Challenges of event economic impact evaluation - the case of the UEFA Champions League Finals Cardiff 2017'.  Presented at Association for Events Management Education Annual Forum, Leeds, UK.  4th-5th July 2018.

Jaimangal-Jones, D., Haven-Tang, C., Clifton, N., Rowe, S. (2018) 'Leveraging major events:  reflections and insights from hosting the UEFA Champions League 2017 Finals in Cardiff - a spectator perspective'.  Presented at Advances in Management Informatics Conference, Cardiff, UK.  4th May 2018.

Haven-Tang, C., Jaimangal-Jones, D., Clifton, N., Rowe, S. (2017) 'Event Evaluation:  meeting the needs of the public sector? A journey from Monmouthshire to the UEFA Champions League Finals'.  Presented at Association of Events Management Education Annual Forum, Cardiff, UK, 5th-7th July 2017.

Jaimangal-Jones, D. (2016) 'Applying Goffman's Dramaturgical perspective to the analysis of leisure experiences', presented at The Annual Conference of the Leisure Studies Association, Liverpool, UK. 5th – 7th of July 2016.

Jaimangal-Jones, D. (2011) 'Festi-Mental – Exploring the media reporting of dance music events', presented at Critical Tourism Studies IV (CTS 2011) Tourism Futures: Enhancing Creative & Critical Action, Cardiff, UK.  2nd - 5th July 2011.

Jaimangal-Jones, D. (2010) 'More than words – analyzing the media discourses surrounding dance music events.'  Presented at Global Events Congress IV: Events and Festivals Research: State of the Art, Leeds, UK. 14th-16th of July 2010. 

Jaimangal-Jones, D. (2009) 'Exploring the construction and consumption of dance music experiences through the liminal lens.' Presented at Leisure Studies Association Annual Conference, Canterbury, UK 7th-9th July 2009.

Jaimangal-Jones, D. (2007) 'Consuming Dance Music Experiences: Visual spectacle and the role of crowds', Presented at The Critical Turn in Tourism Studies: Promoting an Academy of Hope, Split, Croatia. June 2007. 

Jaimangal-Jones, D. (2005) 'Studying Dance Culture through Ethnography', Bridging the Gap: Alternative Audiences for Tourism Research, Cardiff, UK. October 2005.

Consultancy publications

Jaimangal-Jones, D., Haven-Tang, C., Clifton, N., Rowe, S. (2017) Economic Evaluation of the UEFA Champions League Final in Cardiff 2017.

Jaimangal-Jones, D., Haven-Tang, C., Sedgley, D. (2016) Visit Monmouthshire Event Toolkit.


Developing Event Evaluation & Online Toolkit.  December 2015 to March 2016.  A project undertaken for Monmouthshire County Council with Dr Claire Haven-Tang, Dr Diane Sedgley and Professor Nick Clifton. 

Journal editorial input

Guest editor of special issue of international Journal of Event and Festival Management, titled "Event Futures:  Innovation, Creativity and Collaboration" published summer 2018.

Peer reviewed academic journals

Davies, K. and Jaimangal-Jones, D. (2020) The case for constructionist, longitudinal and ethnographic approaches to understanding event experiences, Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events,

Jaimangal-Jones, D., Robertson, M. and Jackson, C. (2018) Event futures: innovation, creativity and collaboration, International Journal of Event and Festival Management, Vol. 9 No. 2, pp. 122-125.  


Jaimangal-Jones, D., Haven-Tang., C., Clifton, N., Rowe, S. (2019) Leveraging major events: Exploring the economic impacts of the Volvo Ocean Race Cardiff Stopover 2018. Presented at the Association For Events Management Education Annual Forum, Hatfield, UK. 3rd - 4th of July 2019. 

Consultancy publications:

Jaimangal-Jones, D., Haven-Tang, C., Clifton, N., Rowe, S. (2019) Economic Impact Evaluation of the Volvo Ocean Race in Cardiff 2018. 

External Links​

​Journal article reviewing

Dr Jaimangal-Jones regularly reviews papers for academic journals including International Journal of Festival and Events Management, Event Management, Leisure Studies, Annals of Tourism Research and Annals of Leisure Research.

Book reviewing

Dr Jaimangal-Jones has links with a number of publishers and has reviewed publications for Sage publishing, Goodfellows Publishing and Routledge for their events management text series.

External examiner positions

University of Northampton, Business School, BA Events Management.  September 2017 - September 2021.

University of Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire Business School.  BA (Hons) Events Management.  September 2015 - September 2019.

Bournemouth University, School of Tourism.  BA (Hons) Events and Leisure Marketing.  September 2014 - September 2017.

External Programme Reviews

Bath Spa University.  Subject specialist panel member.  Validation of FdA Events Production and Management.  May 2017.

Pearson Education.  Subject specialist/third party reviewer of Events Management modules.  July 2016.

Leeds Beckett, UK Centre for Events Management.  Subject specialist panel member.  Periodic review of BA (Hons) Events Management and BSc (Hons) Sport Events Management.  April 2016.