Dr Russell Smith


​Senior Lecturer in ​​Economics

Department: Accounting, Economics and Finance
Telephone No: +44(0)29 2041 6367
Email Address: rsmith@cardiffmet.ac.uk 

Russell joined UWIC in April 1992 and has taught international economics; economics and related programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels across a variety of degree and sub-degree courses.  Russell's specific research interests include long wave theory and, more recently, the political economy of the social economy and economic regeneration. A principal focus of the research into the social economy involves the unification of theory and practice across the social science disciplines.  

With other colleagues in the Cardiff School of Management, Russell helped in the establishment of the Welsh Institute for Research into Co-operatives (now Cardiff Institute for Co-operative Studies). As a continuing active member of CICS, he has collaborated on a number of research projects, conference papers and publications.​​



Journal Papers

Smith, R. Arthur L, Cato M S and Keenoy T. (2008) “Entrepreneurial Energy: Associative Entrepreneurship in the Renewable Energy Sector in Wales”, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research, 14, 5, 313-29.

Book Chapters

Smith, R. Arthur, L. Cato, M. S. and Keenoy, T. (In Press) “Workers’ self-management underground: the experience of Tower Colliery in Wales” in Atzeni M (ed), Alternative Work Organisations; Palgrave Business and Management Series

Smith, R. Arthur L, Cato M S and Keenoy T. (2011) “A narrative of power: Tower Colliery as an example of worker control through co- operative work organisation”, The Journal of Labour and Society, Vol XIV (3)

Smith, R. Arthur, L., Cato, M.S. and Keenoy, T. (2008) “Where is the ‘social’ in social enterprise?” in Fuller. D., Jonas, A. E. G. and Lee, R. (eds), Interrogating Alterity: Alternative Economic and Political Spaces, Basingstoke; Ashgate