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Cardiff Met’s First Data Science Degree Apprentices Celebrate Success

News | 27 September 2021

Six Government Statistical Service (GSS) Degree Apprentices have completed a first-of-its-kind initiative at Cardiff Metropolitan University while undertaking apprenticeships across the GSS at the Welsh Government, Qualification Wales and the Office for National Statistics (ONS), including at its Data Science Campus.

The Data Science Campus was established within the ONS in 2017, bringing together qualified professionals and a network of third-party participants to provide data-driven insight into key policy themes.

Each of the apprentices is set to graduate with a BSc in Applied Data Science from Cardiff Met, having gained valuable industry experience, working full time while studying part-time at the university. 

The cohort, placed at the heart of high profile public sector organisations including 10 Downing Street and HM Treasury, delivered collaborative projects across the public sector during their studies. 

The Degree Apprenticeships are fully funded by Welsh Government for up to four years and are an alternative to traditional university study as students work full time in relevant employment with select industry partners while studying at university on a part time basis.

Professor Jon Platts, Dean of Cardiff School of Technologies, said: "Practice focused education is at the centre of the curriculum here at Cardiff Met. To offer learning opportunities in the workplace, which aim to inspire the next generation of analysts and policy-makers is the next logical step for us in the Cardiff School of Technologies.

"This apprenticeship pathway, funded by Welsh Government, offers a great chance to learn data science skills ‘on the job’ and join this ever-growing and vital modern profession.  I'd like to wish the first cohort all the best and look forward to following their careers closely." 

Tom Smith, Managing Director at the Office for National Statistics’ Data Science Campus said: “It’s been an absolute joy working with the apprentices right from the day I joined ONS. It is great to see how they have taken on the challenges of combining work and learning, and really used the vocational offer to drive their skills and career. 

“I’m really looking forward to more working with them in future, and to seeing how they continue being brilliant as they develop their careers.