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Improving the world around us: Launching Cardiff Met’s Global Academies

​News | 16 November, 2021

Cardiff Met is bringing together decades of expertise in research, innovation and teaching to create Global Academies which address some of the most pressing issues faced by society.

Launching formally on 1 December, Cardiff Met’s Global Academies offer a comprehensive range of postgraduate learning and research opportunities which contribute a positive difference to issues such as the need for inclusive economic growth, a sustainable environment for future generations and address the human and economic impact of Covid-19.

During the virtual event, ‘Global Academies: Innovation and Impact for Wales and the Wider World’, academics from across Cardiff Met will provide an insight into some of the work taking place within the Global Academies that addresses the UN Sustainable Development Goals and The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act (Wales) 2015.

Each Global Academy highlights the positive impact of our research excellence, innovation and postgraduate education.

  • The Global Academy in Health and Human Performance focuses on helping us to be the best we can be whether this is tackling health issues and diseases or becoming a leader of tomorrow. At the launch event, Prof Diane Crone will explain how her research projects are working internationally to help people improve their wellbeing and live healthier lifestyles.
  • The Global Academy in Human Centred Design aims to improve the world around us through the development of products and services that make life easier. During the launch, Prof Andrew Walters will describe how this Global Academy will use expertise in design thinking to foster interdisciplinary postgraduate learning.

    The Global Academy in Food Science, Safety and Security aims to develop the food industry to process and manufacture food in a sustainable way that creates jobs and develops SMEs. At the launch event, Prof David Lloyd will describe how the ZERO2FIVE Food Industry Centre is working with the food sector to innovate and improve in an environment made more challenging by the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking about the launch, Director of Global Academies, Leila Gouran said:

"Here at Cardiff Met we're committed to making a positive impact on the world around us through our education and research. We've established a series of solution-focused Global Academies to address some of the biggest challenges that society needs to overcome to create inclusive economic growth a sustainable environment for future generations. We are also addressing the significant impact of Covid-19 on our society and economy.

"We're bringing together postgraduate students and researchers in creating new approaches to learning and research that are international in their outlook, interdisciplinary in their approach and impactful in their outcomes. I am exceptionally proud to be part of this initiative and of Cardiff Met’s commitment to make the world a better place."

‘Global Academies: Innovation and Impact for Wales and the Wider World’ takes place at 12.30pm on Tuesday 1 December. If you wish to attend this virtual launch, please use the online booking form.