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Performance Sport Benefits


The Strength and Conditioning Team at Cardiff Met are fully committed to the progression of our Student’s Sports Programme and have two primary goals.

The first goal is to improve athletic performance through a prescribed periodical programme of specific exercise.
The second goal is to promote injury prevention by developing a more robust, coordinated athlete, coached in correct movement mechanics with an emphasis placed on athlete learning and ownership.

Each programme is designed specifically to benefit the team or individual and encompasses the entire development of the athlete relative to either competition or off-season demands. Beyond strength and power, a composite of speed, agility, plyometrics, endurance and stability exercise are underpinned within a close, supportive, progressive environment. 

Watch as we take a closer look at the Strength and Conditioning Team at Cardiff Met.


David Watts is the Strength & Conditioning (S&C) Manager at Cardiff Met. A UKSCA Accredited Coach since 2009, Dai has held an expanse of S&C roles some of which include Welsh Rugby Senior Women, Senior Men’s Assistant 2008, U21s, U18s & 7s as well as Subaru World Rally, Welsh Judo, MCCU Cricket and is the current Celtic Dragons Netball Strength & Conditioning Coach. 

Chris Edwards is an experienced UKSCA Accredited Coach who works to support the Cardiff Mets Performance Sports Teams and Individual Scholars. 

For further information please contact:
David Watts by email on: dwatts@cardiffmet.ac.uk.


Our Physiotherapy Clinic is staffed by qualified Chartered Physiotherapists who work at all levels of sport. We offer a high quality assessment and comprehensive rehabilitation service for joint and muscular injury associated with sporting, recreational or occupational pursuits. 

The Physiotherapy Clinic provides a full range of sports injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation services. Situated on the Cyncoed Campus, the well-equipped clinic boasts individual consulting rooms with access to all the track and gym facilities at the National Indoor Athletics Centre. 


The Sports Massage Clinic at Cardiff Met is situated on the Cyncoed Campus in the National Indoor Athletics Centre. The clinic is designed to help in the prevention and management of sports injuries, maintain function for optimum performance and provide relief for day to day stresses and strains. 

Massage Clinic


As well as a full range of Sports Physiotherapy equipment the Physiotherapy Clinic also utilises on-site ultrasound scanning, acupuncture and isokinetic dynamometry. Massage and Sports Science services enables comprehensive injury assessment, prevention and management services for athletes and teams of all levels. 


Our performance analysis team measure different types of performance, such as in tactical analysis or technical evaluation. Global Positioning Systems (GPS) are often used to measure player movements whilst in competition and/or training. This provides beneficial information about the physical demands of the sport and can help coaches in making important decisions about future practice and training. We also use player tracking systems to help prevent injury, as they can provide an insight into the standard distance players should be travelling during a match relevant to their position.

Performance Analysis Suite