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Performance Sport Services

​​​​​​​​​Our performance programmes are provided with inter-discipline support by our in-house Performance Servies Team and supported by the Cardiff School of Sport and Health Sciences (CSSHS). With many full-time staff, academic staff and student placements, our performance programmes are provided with a truly integrated and unique support service.​​


Strength & Conditioning

Our team deliver a programme of small group and team sessions with integrated testing throughout the season.

Each programme is designed specifically to benefit the team or individual and encompasses the entire development of the athlete relative to either competition or off-season demands. Beyond strength and power, a composite of speed, agility, plyometrics, endurance and stability exercise are underpinned within a close, supportive, progressive environment. 

Watch as we take a closer look at the Strength and Conditioning Team at Cardiff Met.


​Our team delivers rehabilitation support and injury reduction strategies as well as providing training and match-day cover.

​Athlete Lifestyle & Personal Development

​​Our athlete lifestyle and personal development support focuses on providing impartial support and opportunities for wholistic development.

​Performance Analysis

​​​Performance analysis is delivered in partnership with CCSHS. Benefitting from our on-campus analysis lab and cameras integrated into our sports facilities, teams can have their matches and training analysed.

Performance Analysis Suite

​Other Performance Services

Some of our performance programmes also work closely with academic staff to benefit from the latest delivery, research and testing in areas such as Biomechanics and Physiology.