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Sport Scholarships – 2024/25

We pride ourselves on the environment and support services we provide to all our student-athletes in our performance programmes to support them to develop. Through our performance programmes, student-athletes have access to dedicated coaches, in-house support services and integrated academic members our staff providing a support package for each student worth thousands of pounds, all available on campus.

In addition to this we recognise the additional financial demands of competing at a high level and combining performance sport and study. We therefore offer financial (cash award) scholarships. Our scholarships are annual cash awards and vary between £1,000 and £5,000.


Performance Programmes: Athletics, Women’s Basketball, Wheelchair Basketball, Men’s Cricket, Men’s Hockey Women’s Hockey, Men’s Football, Women’s Football, Netball, Men’s Rugby Union, Women’s Rugby Union and Triathlon.

For these sports, we do not open an application process. Our coaching teams identify potential scholarships through the recruitment cycle any potential scholars will be contacted with any potential scholarship offer.

All other sports: For 2024/25 academic year, we are not formally opening scholarship applications. If offer holders believe they meet the below performance level, they can express an interest in a scholarship using the link below. Expressions of interest will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and individuals will be contacted if we wish to take the expression of interest further.

  • Performance level for expression of interest: Should be competing at national and international level in their sport. Please note this will be considered appropriately to the sport. This will consider the pathway and competition structure for the sport, senior and age group representation and for UK based students, consider home nation and GB representation in relation to the pathway for the specific sport.

Express your interest in a sport scholarship for 2024/25