External Examiners (Taught Programmes)


​​Volume 2: Programme Design, Approval, Monitoring and Review

Section 12: External Examiners (Taught Programmes)

Please note:

In light of the uncertainty surrounding the 2020/21 academic session, and concerns raised by schools regarding difficulties in sourcing new External Examiners for the session, QED gained Academic/Management Board approval to extend exceptionally for a year all External Examiners' contracts, where they are happy to continue. The rationale for this is that existing Externals will have had first-hand experience of the University response to Covid-19 and won’t need significant briefing for the new session. This also takes a significant burden off School and support staff across the University in order that focus can be placed on other challenges. Schools will be supported by QED in seeking appointments for any new provision.

QED - September 2020



 External Examiners


 External Examiner Report (English)


  Ffurflen Adroddiad Yr Arholwr Allanol (Cymraeg)


External Examiner Nomination Form




 Ffurflen Enwebu Arholwr Allanol

External Examiner Extension Form

 Ffurflen Ymestyn Penodiad Arholwr Allanol

12.5E  Field External Examiner Report Form

12.5C  Ffurflen Adrodd Arholwr Allanol Y Pwnc (Cymraeg)

12.6    Guidance on External Examining - Shared Modules​​

12.7    External Examiner Confirmation of Awards in Absentia (English)