​Volume 1: Regulations and Procedures

Section 7: Appeals and Complaints

Please note: Appeals relating to outcomes following an Exam Board, Committee of Enquiry (Unfair Practice) or Fitness to Practise Committee must now be submitted via the online form available here.

7.1  Appeals and Complaints 

7.2  Verification Procedure (Discontinued, please see 7.3 below)

7.3  Application for Amendment of an Exam Board Decision (Staff Use Only)
7.3C  Cymraeg - Cais Am Addasu Penderfyniad Bwrdd Arholi

7.3a  Application for Amendment of Erroneous Marks (Staff Use Only)

7.4  Appeals Procedure (Exam Board Decisions) 

7.5  Application for Appeal (Exam Board Decisions) Discontinued - please use online appeal form as per the link above
7.5C  Cymraeg - Cais Am Apel

7.6  Appeals Procedure (Postgraduate Research Degree)

7.7  ​Application Form for Postgraduate Research Degree Appeal
7.7C  Cymraeg - Ffurflen Gais Am Apel Yn Achos Gradd Ymchwil I Raddedigion

7.8  Appeals Procedure (Unfair Practice)

7.9  Application for Appeal (Unfair Practice) Discontinued - please use online appeal form as per the link above
7.9C  Cymraeg - Cais Am Apel yn Erbyn Penderfyniadau Pwyllgorau Ymchwilio (Ymarfer Annheg)

7.10  Procedures for the Conduct of an Appeal Hearing

7.11​ Complaints Policy and Procedure​