Volume 2: Programme Design, Approval, Monitoring & Review

Section 4: Modifications

Please note:
The below ‘Modification Procedure’ is suspended for the duration of the 20/21 academic session.

Schools, with QED support, approve their own temporary changes to learning and teaching approaches, assessment changes and, in some limited cases, programme structure for the 20/21 session.

QED has assigned a senior quality officer and learning and teaching specialist to each school to support them in their planning and to meet with ADSE’s prior to Term 1 to review and feedback on proposed changes. The proposed curriculum changes should build on what academic staff, examination boards, exam administrators, externals and, crucially, students think about the assessment approaches adopted for the Spring/Summer 2020 semester and work this feedback into planning for Term 1 but also thereafter planning for the 21/22 session.

External Examiners should be consulted on all proposed changes for 20/21 with a 1-week window to respond.
Due to the transitory nature of these changes module descriptors and programme specifications are not updated in advance of the 20/21 session but all student facing information is updated. QED will then link with each school at the end of Term 1 to consider whether the changes become permanent, revert back, or alternative changes are made. Following approval of any changes by ADSEs/DDLTs and QED Module Descriptors and Programme Specifications will then be updated and confirmed for the 21/22 session by the end of March 2021, in line with the University’s normal modification deadlines.

The application of this process at collaborative partners has been considered and adapted by the Collaboratice Partnership Committee.

QED - September 2020

04.1  Modifications to Programmes: Procedure and Deadlines

04.2A  ​Modification(s) Proposal Evidence and Process Flow Check List

04.2B  Modification(s) Summary Form