Programme Evaluation and Periodic Reviews


​Volume 2: Programme Design, Approval, Monitoring & Review

Section 6: Programme Evaluation and Periodic Reviews

Please note the below changes in effect due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Periodic Review
In light of the uncertainty surrounding the coming academic session the University is taking a risk-based approach to the 20/21 periodic review cycle. This approach seeks to defer periodic reviews wherever possible. An analysis of each programme against core KPIs will be undertaken by QED in each case and additional support packages put in place (via QED) where required. Where curriculum changes are required for the 21/22 session (for example to move to 20 credit modules) these will be undertaken in line with the curriculum change approach outlined above. It is anticipated that this deferment will also allow schools room to reflect on lessons learned from this period and the future of the curriculum in light of any lasting global changes.
Where reviews are due to take place at partner institutions, CPC will consider the timing and structure of these and make recommendations into AQSC. 

Annual Programme Review
The significant changes that have taken place to learning and teaching during the 19/20 session and the burden of work placed on colleagues to respond to these changes require the University to consider its normal approach to annual monitoring and curriculum changes. Changes have been made to the annual monitoring round to capture the elements of reflection and planning that will be most impactful in the current situation. QED have synergised the University’s approach to NSS/PTES, APR, Graduate Outcomes and curriculum change for the 20/21 autumn term to allow Programme Directors to easily access the most relevant and useful data sources and to focus their planning on the immediate student experience.

QED – September 2020

06.1 Annual Programme Review

06.1A Annual Programme Review Template, Action Plan and Guidance Notes

06.2 Periodic and Elective Review of Existing Programmes

06.3 Student Module Evaluation Policy​