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Frequently Asked Questions

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​Before the Ceremony

Ceremony Date

Q. When will my Graduation Ceremony take place?

A. The date of your ceremony is determined by the award you achieve and the time of your exam board. The main graduation period is held in July of each year.

Students are not given the choice of which ceremony they wish to attend due to the high numbers of students graduating at each ceremony.


Q. How do I confirm my place at the ceremony?

A. Students are required to complete the on-line form via the Student Portal to inform Cardiff Met if they wish to attend the ceremony or are unable to attend.

For each ceremony there is a deadline date which must be adhered to, as Cardiff Met will not be able to facilitate any late requests due to consistently high uptakes in request for tickets.

Students only have one opportunity to attend their Graduation. If you do not book your place by the deadline, you will not be able to attend your ceremony and you will be graduated in absentia. You will not then be eligible to graduate at any future ceremonies for that award.

Q. Why fill in the form if I do not want to attend the ceremony?

A. We use the details in the form to ensure that your certificate is sent to the correct correspondence address.

Q. Will this guarantee my place at the ceremony?

A. Yes, if you successfully pass all elements of the programme that you were originally enrolled on. On submission of your completed form, you will see a message at the top of your screen on the student portal.

Q. What if I change my mind about attending?

A. If you have replied saying you do not wish to attend the ceremony then you may not change your mind once the deadline has passed.

If you have replied saying you wish to attend but are unable to do so, please email to inform us of your decision.

Q. I studied at a Partner College (e.g., London School of Commerce or ICBT) and I or my guests require a letter for visa purposes.

A. Please use the Partner Student Visa Request Form available on the Graduation web pages.


Q. How many tickets am I entitled to?

A. We guarantee 2 guest tickets each (this does not include the graduand).

Requests for additional guest tickets is dependent on the capacity of the venue and the response we have from students wishing to attend the ceremony.

Tickets will be emailed to your Cardiff Met student account and personal email address via a Print at Home system. If any additional tickets are available, details of how to get them will be sent with the tickets.

Please print your tickets and bring them with you to your ceremony.

Q. Will my tickets arrive in time if I live overseas?

A. Your tickets will be sent to your Cardiff Met student email account and your personal email address via a Print at Home system. Please print your tickets and bring them with you to your ceremony.

Q. I haven’t received my graduation tickets.

A. Tickets are not issued until the week before the ceremony, due to examining boards still taking place up until the graduation ceremony. We ask all graduands to be patient.


Q. What do I do if any of my guests have special seating requirements?

A. We request all information regarding students and guests who have special seating requirements on the online form – it is important you inform us in advance.

Q. Will my guests be able to sit with me?

A. No. Graduands and guests are seated separately and must sit in their assigned seats.

Q. Can I sit anywhere?

A. No. You will receive a ticket with your seat number. The seating arrangements are planned so that you arrive on stage when your name is being called – according to the order that is printed in the programme.


Q. Will there be provision for disabled guests?

A. There are lifts at all Graduation venues to carry persons with mobility problems.

Q. Can I take children to the ceremony?

A. Due to the length of the ceremony it is not recommended for children, however any child over the age of 2 years will require a separate guest ticket.

After the Ceremony


Q. When will I receive my certificate?

A. If you have not already received your certificate it will be posted approximately 8 weeks after the ceremony. Please ensure we have the correct address for you.

Q. What if there is a mistake on my certificate?

A. Please contact after the ceremony to inform us and return the original certificate. We are unable to issue a new certificate or transcript until you have returned the old certificate.

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