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Verified Activities

Activities are verified for Cardiff Met graduates from July 2016 onwards.  Please click here to view the verified list of Activities.

Verified activities that have been certified elsewhere will not be included on the HEAR.

In addition to these activities, prizes awarded for exceptional achievement or contribution are also included in this section of the HEAR.

Activity Validation

In order to be validated for inclusion on the HEAR, activities must support Cardiff Met students to develop at least TWO of our nominated Graduate Attributes. These attributes are;

  • Problem solving and analytical ability                          

  • Inter-personal skills and networking                           

  • Global citizenship (diversity and sustainability)                       

  • Flexibility and adaptability (lifelong learning)               

  • Effective communication                                            

  • Creativity and innovation

For more information about these attributes, including the definitions, please click here,

Any member of staff from Cardiff Met or Cardiff Met Students' Union can nominate an activity for inclusion in the HEAR. As well as meeting the criteria for developing graduate attributes, the activity must also

  • Take place between enrolment and graduation

  • Have verifiable records

  • Be open to all students, or to a designated group of students

A validation panel made up of representatives from across Cardiff Met meets twice per year to consider new nominations and agree which ones will be added to the list. Once an activity is agreed, providing the activity owner returns the forms requested, any current or future student who is recorded as participating in the activity will have it added to Section 6.1 of their HEAR.