Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

From July 2016, Cardiff Met is issuing all campus based graduates completing BA or BSc degrees with a Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR). 

The HEAR is a web-based document which records not only your academic achievements, but also a range of other activities which students might have taken part in during their time studying at Cardiff Met.

Cardiff Met believes that, alongside academic achievement, participation in a wide range of activities helps students to learn new skills and work on their personal and professional development. 

The HEAR allows the university to validate these activities and recognise the contribution they make to producing well-rounded graduates who are ready for their life after university. 

HEAR for Students

While you are studying at Cardiff Met you'll be able to take part in a range of activities which will be added to the extra-curricular section of your HEAR every year.  You'll be able to check your HEAR and make sure everything is accurate, making any corrections as you go along.

We really encourage you to look at the list of verifiable activities and see which of them you'd like to participate in. They have been carefully chosen because the university believes they will help you to develop valuable skills alongside your academic achievements. We hope you'll find something that you will be interested in, but if you have any suggestions about new things we could include, please contact us.

HEAR for Staff

If you are a member of staff of Cardiff Met and believe that you have an activity that should be included in the Section 6.1 of the HEAR.


HEAR for Graduates

The HEAR is designed to allow you to share these details of your academic studies and your extra-curricular activities quickly and easily with potential employers or providers of further study. Everything recorded on the HEAR, from your academic grades to your membership of the Athletic Union, has been verified by Cardiff Met, so anyone you share it with can be confident that all the details are accurate.

If you are eligible for a HEAR, you will receive an email to your Cardiff Met account shortly after graduation. Follow the instructions in the email to view your HEAR.

Please check our FAQs page for more information about the HEAR. We'll be updating this regularly so do check back if your question isn't answered there at the moment. 

HEAR for Employers

Cardiff Met prides itself on developing well-rounded graduates who have a range of skills and attributes in addition to their academic achievements. Issuing a HEAR allows us to verify a range of activities which students have taken part in. so you can be confident that your potential employee is telling the whole truth about their university life.

If a Cardiff Met graduate is applying to work for you, and grants you access to their HEAR, you will receive an email with a link to view the document. Follow the instructions in that email and you will not only be able to see a full breakdown of a student's marks throughout their university course, but also verified details of a range of additional activities such as sport, awards and prizes and student representation.

These activities have been chosen because we believe they help our students develop attributes which are important in their personal and professional development. For details of how we choose activities, please click here .

For full details of the range of activities currently included in the HEAR, please click here

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