Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

The HEAR is an authentic electronic document, which records academic achievements, along with a range of activities which students may wish to participate in as part of their experience at Cardiff Met. The HEAR is available to Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Foundation Degree students, who have studied on a Cardiff campus since July 2016. 

Cardiff Met believes that, alongside academic achievement, participation in a wide range of activities allows students to broaden their skillset, furthering their personal and professional development. Recognising these extra-curricular activities adds value to the student experience. The HEAR provides an account of these activities and paints a more holistic picture of a student’s achievements and time at the university.  

HEAR for Students

Cardiff Met works in partnership with Gradintel to provide your HEAR. The HEAR is available for those students studying Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes delivered on our Cardiff campuses. We will automatically register you with Gradintel and will create an account on your behalf. When the time is right, we will send an email to your Cardiff Met email address with a link for you to activate your account.  

Cardiff Met have carefully selected a range of activities which students can participate in alongside academic studies. Upon completion, these will be included in the extra-curricular activities section of your HEAR. Cardiff Met strongly encourages students to participate in activities that align with their interests/goals: enhancing their university experience whilst developing invaluable skills and knowledge for their future.

A list of verified activities can be found here

Further information can be found at www.cardiffmet.ac.uk/registry/hear/Pages/FAQs.aspx

HEAR for Staff

If you are a member of staff of Cardiff Met and believe that you have an activity that should be included, please go to Section 6.1 of the HEAR

HEAR for Graduates

As the HEAR is an electronic document it enables students to share details of their academic and extra-curricular activities achieved, with potential employers or education providers.

Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Foundation Degree students who completed their studies on one of our Cardiff Campuses, will also receive an electronic certificate. 

All eligible students will have an email sent to their Cardiff Met email address before completing their studies, with a link to activate their Gradintel account. You will be able to view your HEAR and electronic certificate by logging in to your Gradintel account at www.gradintel.com. If you can no longer remember your log in details, please visit www.gradintel.com, click ‘lost account details’ and follow the instructions to reset your password. 

Please check our FAQs page for more information about the HEAR.

If you have misplaced this email, click here 


HEAR for Employers

The Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR) is a comprehensive record of student achievement at a UK University. You can read more about this here: http://hear.ac.uk

If a Cardiff Met graduate is applying to work for you, and grants you access to their HEAR, you will receive an email with a link to view the document. You will not only be able to see a full breakdown of a student’s marks throughout their University course, but also verified details of a range of additional activities such as sport, awards, prizes and student representation.

Cardiff Met prides itself on developing well-rounded graduates who have a range of skills and attributes in addition to their academic achievements.

These activities have been chosen because we believe they help our students develop attributes which are important in their personal and professional development.


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