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Doctor of Education (EdD)

​​​​​​​The Ed.D pathway on the Professional Doctorate is designed for experienced educational professionals and aims to develop their critical​ knowledge of current educational issues. Study at doctoral level stimulates and transforms students' professional thinking and everyday practice, whilst developing a deep understanding of real-life professional situations.  Students make a substantial and original contribution to the development of educational knowledge in relation to their own individual educational interests. 

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Why do a EdD?

Theoretical and practical ideas in the Education sector​ are  constantly changing and evolving. Professionals working in this field need to engage with current research and develop their professional practice through continual professional development (CPD). The EdD pathway of the Professional Doctorate enables students to become research literate and to apply these skills to their everyday professional practice.  The EdD focuses on 'applied' research, related to students' individual research interests.  Academic and professional knowledge are used to focus on a 'change' project related to students' individual job role.

Programme Structure




​"Studying for my Professional Doctorate (Ed.D pathway) has brought so many benefits to me personally and professionally.  I have identified an area of my practice where I felt there was a need for change, and have spent time considering the nature of that change, how to effect the change, and the potential benefits to both myself as practitioner and the students I teach.

I am thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to up-skill my professional and theoretical knowledge, and have had individual guidance from my Director of Studies and supervisor, both of whom are specialists in their field.  I have benefited from the opportunity to ask questions, and be guided to areas of further reading.  It is true that you never stop learning, and I really do feel that what I am studying is informing my current practice.
I think that the main strength of the course at Cardiff Metropolitan University is the friendliness, approachability and professional expertise of the staff.  I have felt well supported during the course of my study, and am able to ask for further help whenever needed.
I would reco​mmend the Professional Doctorate at Cardiff Metropolitan to anyone seeking a new challenge in their lives.  It is the course of study for someone who would welcome the opportunity to learn more about an area of special interest to themselves, ​and who is ready to learn from the guidance of others in developing their own knowledge and expertise."

Craig Ellis Howard
B.A. (Hons) (Cymru / Wales), M.A. (Ed.), P.G.C.E., F.H.E.A.  
Uwch Ddarlithydd / Senior Lecturer  Arweinydd y cwrs TAR ITM / Programme Leader PGCE MFL Astudiaethau Addysg a Chymraeg / Education Studies and Welsh, School of Education, Cardiff Metropolitan University

Contact Information

Dr Susan Davis
Education Pathway Leader
Cardiff School of Education, 
Cyncoed Campus, 
Cyncoed Road, 
CF23 6XD
e: sdavis@cardiffmet.ac.uk​
T: 02920 416545​

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