The Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers (The Researcher Development Concordat)

What is the Concordat?

The Concordat is a stakeholder's agreement to support researchers' career development and the research environment within which those careers are built.  Further information on the Concordat can be found here.   The four key stakeholder groups (Funders, Institutions, Researchers and Managers of Researchers) sign up to a range of commitments under three clear principles: Environment and Culture, Employment and Professional and Career Development, with the aim of increasing the attractiveness and sustainability of researchers' careers.  Launched in 2008 the original Concordat was significantly revamped in 2019 to include more ambitious measures and greater accountability for stakeholders. 

Cardiff Met became signatory in 2021, with the V-C signing to that effect on the 3rd of February. A copy of that letter can be found here.  In signing the Concordat, the University has signalled both its continued commitment to supporting our research staff's careers, but also to working in partnership with other institutions and funders to develop wider systematic changes. 

What are we doing to meet our Concordat commitments? 

The implementation of the action plan will be managed by Research & Innovation Services and a new Concordat Implementation Group (CIG) which will report to the University's Research & Innovation Committee.  We have achieved all our signatory responsibilities for our initial 12 months following signing. We have also:

  • conducted an assessment of our provisions under each of the three Concordat principles;
  • undertaken a gap analysis to compare our current policies and practice against those principles;
  • produced a Year 1 Action Plan which sets out how we consider our Concordat actions alongside other University initiatives and embed them in core practices (Action Plan available here
  • reported on our progress to our governing body (report available here)

In addition, we have committed to a consultation process in 2022 to raise the visibility of the Concordat within Cardiff Met, and to help us identify a range of cross-theme activities which will enable us to meet our signatory responsibilities.  The CIG will be chaired by the University Director or Research and include all Associate Deans of Deans of Research, two research staff and at least one line manager of a researcher.  The CIG will have the responsibility of delivering the Year 1 Action Plan and developing a subsequent two-year plan.  The CIG will continue to meet to track progress of our action plan and the committee's broad representation will ensure we are continuing to support researchers at all stages of their careers. 

Would you like to get involved in our delivery of the Researcher Development Concordat?

If you are a member of staff with an interest in the Concordat and would like to get involved in supporting its delivery, please do get in touch with Orla Govers ogovers@cardiffmet.ac.uk

Read The Concordat to support the Career Development of Researchers in full here